Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Prayer Request 5/23 - 5/29

Students from China who​ have studied abroad are returning to China and women comprise the majority of them. They return because jobs and prospects for marriage are hard to find abroad. A considerable number of these returnees have come to Christ while they were overseas. We give thanks for all of those who came to a saving knowledge of Jesus while they studied abroad--a result of the great sacrifice and seed sown by many Chinese churches overseas.
Based​on the experience of those in China who serve the returnees from abroad, at least three-fourths of them who professed to be Christians or even those who were baptized do not have a consistent spiritual life and many have fallen away. We pray for those who have recently returned to China that the Lord will keep them safe and connect them quickly with other Christians in their workplace or help them find a supportive church fellowship where they can continue to be discipled and grow in love for God.
Highly educated Chinese who return to China from abroad face reverse culture shock and a myriad of problems in living in their homeland. It is difficult for them to get back into the Chinese way of life, especially for idealistic young people. ​It is absolutely crucial for returnees to connect with a local church fellowship. We pray those who led them to Christ will emphasize the importance of this ​to these new babes in Christ and help them to have personal devotion ​soon after conversion.
Students from China who have studied abroad face reverse culture shock which includes​ readjustment to issues of pollution, food safety, housing shortages and exorbitant housing costs, traffic problems, seeking medical help, problems in finding a mate and job, pressure at work, and the idea that "everything needs connection to get things done." ​We pray for the guarding of hearts and victory for Christians who return from abroad to China as they face tremendous financial and sexual temptations.​
In China,​a key reason that so many Christians who return from abroad fall away is their own weak faith. Most of these people are perhaps new believers or newly baptized and merely believers--not disciples. Their lives have not been transformed. We pray that these Christians will quickly join a close-knit faith community, become connected and continue to be nurtured. This is not easy because existing churches are usually receptive to young people who have returned from abroad but have no idea of how churches in China operate.
There is little done to help Chinese Christian returnees to prepare for their return to China. They may well have almost no understanding of the challenges they will face on their return, especially if they have not been Christians​ in China before. We pray that Christian believers and fellowship​s around them might help them to prepare well for their return to China,​ since​ this is the only way their faith can survive back in China.
It is not​ easy for Christians who return from abroad to China to find and join a church in this Communist-controlled country. There is also political pressure along with the fear of making their Christian identity public as well as objections from their unbelieving family members, and spiritual homesickness. We pray that those studying abroad will receive a good grounding in the faith and have the opportunity to think through the challenges they may face on their return. May the Lord have mercy on them so they will have boldness and make godly friends quickly.

根據許多參與服事海歸信徒的同工的經驗,至少有75%的人在回國時是信耶穌、甚至受過洗的。由於沒有持續的屬靈生活,有很多人已經離開了信仰。 我們為最近回國的年輕基督徒祈求,求主帶領他們的平安,能加入支持他們靈命成長的教會團契,持續在愛主及信心上有所長進,也在門徒訓練上得到充份的造就。
新的基督徒回到現今中國的大環境,通常很難找到合適的教會融入其中。同時還有政治壓力:害怕公開他們的基督徒身分及來自不信主的家人的反對,他們會有‘屬靈的鄉愁’以及各種靈裡的水土不服。求主讓這些學生能有紮實的信仰基礎,並有機會思考回國後可能面對的各種挑戰。 願主加添他們的信心和膽量,也有一群追求神的義的屬靈良友。

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