Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Prayer Request 2/21 - 2/27

China in an ambitious program to expand the use of nuclear energy plans to build many nuclear reactors over the next decade. Beijing considers this to be essential if they are to wean the Chinese economy away from its reliance on coal-fired plants that churn out air pollution and carbon dioxide. ​Pastors are much like spiritual generators for their churches. We pray for all who are preparing to enter the ministry and those who are discerning God's​ call into the ministry. May they be well--equipped and have ready hearts to be shepherds.
China plans to be the world's largest producer of nuclear energy by 2030. To meet this goal, she must add six to eight reactor units every year over the coming decades, most likely including the first in inland provinces like Henan and neighboring Hubei. Many Chinese pastors see themselves as ill-equipped​ to meet the complex needs of their flocks We pray for them, that they will not only preach the truth well, but be able to make practical application of it and be examples for their members.
China's authoritarian government is adept at corralling public opinion to get its way. It can ram through its plans over the objections of people. Opponents, however say it's closed, secretive political system is ill-equipped to manage a rapid expansion of nuclear power.​ ​Being too busy is common for pastors in China. They feel spent and dried-up spiritually due to the heavy load of their ministry and ​excessive expectations of the people. May the Lord refresh the pastors and renew their families.
At the present time China operates thirty nuclear power reactors, mostly along its east coast and they account for 2.4 percent of the national consumption of electricity.​ ​Twenty-one additional nuclear plants are under construction.​Loneliness and a lack of emotional support are common traits shared by​ pastors in China. May the Lord have mercy on them, give them spouses who serve together with one heart, and uplifting friendships. Above all, may He guard their hearts so they do not fall into the devil's snares.
China has built its reactors on the coast, where water needed for cooling systems is plentiful and there are big cities nearby hungry for power. But the next phase is almost certain to push inland, and that has become a chief focus for opponents of the nuclear program. Few Chinese pastors have consistent opportunity to learn and equip themselves​ on the job. Opportunities for further training are scarce for those in remote regions and in villages. We pray for ​the ​grace of God for pastors, giving them ​a ​sense of excitement and​ the​ opportunity to ​become ​equipped​ and learn​ new things​
The deadly explosions in Tianjin (where hazardous chemicals were improperly stored close to residential areas) a year ago​ make people in China uneasy about the construction of any power plant. Lax regulation, graft, and confusion tend to undo the government's promises to put safety first. Many pastors feel they aren't doing much as well as feeling unappreciated and unloved. We lift up these wounded shepherds and ask the Lord to care for them and heal them, giving them both spiritual and physical rest and recreation which many pastors in China badly need.
Many Chinese have returned to China in recent months following studies overseas. More ​ and more​ of them are not able to find jobs after graduation and must return to China. To them and their families, it may be a disappointment after years of substantial financial investment. Pray for all those involved in outreach to Chinese overseas. Pray that they might take every opportunity to understand more clearly the issues returning Chinese believers will face and do all they can through discussion and prayer.

2015 天津發生的大爆炸釀成龐大傷亡,主要因是存儲危險化學品。雖然官方再三承諾安全第一,但監管鬆懈、瀆職和官方的故意混淆使得老百姓失去信心。許多傳道人感到失落,或沒有得到弟兄姊妹的認同而灰心。求主安慰這些受傷的牧者,願主自己成為他的傾聽者和輔導者,也給他們能享受安靜,重新得力,得著靈性的支援。