Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Prayer Request 8/13 - 8/19

China has about three to five million children between one to fourteen years with autism. A shortage of specialists and a lack of a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment facilities are the key problems. We pray for Christian parents of children with developmental or learning disabilities who are often ignored or discriminated. We pray that God will strengthen their faith and spirit, and enable them to experience His mercy and grace every day.
Although China began treatment of people with autism in the mid-1980s, it is only in the last ten years that more attention has been given to this group of people. Parents tend to seek medical help only after the child is one or two years old and that is past the optimal period for treatment. Chinese parents brag about their children and give thanks to God. But, it is much harder when a child is “abnormal”. We pray for His comfort, peace, and the ability to comfort others, especially when they have doubts about God’s love and purpose for giving them a handicapped child.
In China, delayed diagnosis due to a lack of understanding of the disorder is a common problem among families with autistic children. As a result, many children have missed out on the critical early intervention period. We pray for the parents of all special-needs children that God removes guilt and the accusations of the evil one. May the Lord give them extra mercy and strength to help their children build social skills, to endure under the pressure and demands of parenting, and to experience growth in their marriage.
Only a small fraction of autistic children in China undergo rehabilitation in a formal institution since there are very few facilities and a dire shortage of teachers. Children born with disabilities are often discarded and handicapped children suffer discrimination everywhere. We pray that God provides people who are experienced and trustworthy to help these children and their parents and that the Lord comforts them, and that they will trust God that He will help them every day
An average Chinese family has only one or two children because of the high cost of education. Families with an “abnormal” child face even greater pressure because there is practically no special-needs education program available. We give thanks to God for families who have and chose to raise up special-needs children themselves. We pray that their time, effort and love will bring great satisfaction and reward from the Lord, giving glory to Jesus Christ.
About one-third of Chinese women have experienced lowered wages and another third were demoted after giving birth. Employers are reluctant to hire women to avoid paying the mandatory two paid maternity leaves. Women who are of an age to bear children suffer discrimination at work in China. We pray specifically that God gives young Christian mothers strength and spiritual growth as they shoulder the heavy responsibilities of caring for their families and work, plus taking care of parents on both sides of the family.
As the government increase its censorship, the entertainment industry in China has no choice but to comply with tightening restrictions. Last year, regulators shut down over 6,000 websites and over two million online accounts and social media groups. Artists are self-censoring to protect themselves. The Bible clearly tells us that we are all sinners and only the salvation of Jesus Christ can bring about a true change in our lives. We pray that God will add to churches in China the numbers of saved daily as they stand firm in their faith.

中國在1980年代中後期開始涉足自閉症康復領域,而自閉症患者真正引起重視是在最近十年裡。過去,當孩子在一兩歲後出現一些「不正常」狀況,家人才會考慮求醫,但很可能已錯過最佳治療期。 中國家長喜歡拿孩子的成就出來炫耀,當然基督徒父母也會感謝神。然而,那些有殘障或發育不正常孩子的家長亦會懷疑神沒有祝福他們。求神親自安慰這些家長,平復他們心靈,更能以同理心和經驗去幫助有相同遭遇的家庭。
" 後知後覺 " 是中國不少自閉症兒童家庭的普遍狀況,很多孩子因為家人對自閉症徵況不清楚而錯過了最佳治療期。我們要為患病兒童的父母禱告,求主幇助他們除去內疚和惡者的控告,在面對沈重的照顧和教育壓力下,仍然滿有從神來的愛和力量去幫助兒女建立社交能力,更是赐下格外多的忍耐、體諒來保守和堅固他們夫妻彼此的關係。
當普遍中國家庭都只養育一個或兩個孩子時, 一般家長都不願多生孩子,因教育費用不菲。尤其對有所謂「不正常」孩子的家長而言,確實有極大的壓力,加上中國的特殊教育還在初始階段,甚至算是還未起步。我們要為那些甘心樂意照顧「不正常」孩子的父母感恩,神叫他們經歷主的安慰與獎賞,看見時間、金錢和心力去照顧孩子不是浪費和無義意的投資,而是更深經歷神的恩典,大大彰顯神的榮耀。
中國女性有1/3 在生產後薪資下降,36%被降職。僱主大多不願承擔給女性員工兩次帶薪產假的經濟負擔。因此,相比於沒有孩子的同儕,育齡婦女更難被僱用或得到晉陞機會。我們要為育有孩子的姊妹禱告,求神加添她們力量,保守她們的靈命成長。 不單能把自己家庭照顧好,還能兼顧工作,也與雙方的長輩們相處融洽。