Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prayer Request 6/28 - 7/4

A growing number of Chinese are returning to China after studying or working overseas and some of them return with​ a​ new​-​​found faith in Jesus Christ. We give thanks for those who have come to know the Lord while living abroad and have ​returned home to China. Pray that many more might follow in their footsteps and put their trust in Jesus.
Those who have returned to China as Christians​ have a great opportunity to share their new-found faith with friends and family who can see the change that has taken place in their lives. ​We pray that churches from which they are returning would be effective in training​ and discipleship to prepare them to return and integrate into the church in China. We pray, too, for wisdom for them as they face many ethical and moral issues in their return to China.
Those Christians who​ ​have spent time abroad have seen church and ministry from a very different perspective from that which they saw when ​they lived in China. They usually find church in China more traditional and reserved than what they saw abroad so they tend to give "unwanted" suggestions for improvement. We pray for opportunities for these people to link with good churches in their home cities. At the same time we pray for their churches to receive them and continue to encourage them in faith.
Christians who have been abroad and returned to China may find it difficult to adapt to their old life as "new people". They have enjoyed their​ time in the church overseas but when they come back to China they are confronted with the limitations of life there. They also face many temptations and issues that challenge their Christian faith and Biblical values. We pray for strong faith and a close walk with Jesus for them so these returned Christians will remain rooted in God's Word, grow, and even share their faith.
Unlike those in China, churches in the West are more democratic and​ transparent. Christians from China who are returning home need time to adjust, especially during fellowship times when people there do not warm up quickly to newcomers. We pray that these returnees will be prepared and able to fit in well to their newly-met Christian family and that the people already there will help them as they adjust.
Although people who are returning to China from the West have no problem finding a church in their home cities, they find they usually are​ not fully accepted there and their suggestions are not taken seriously. It is our prayer that they will be able to share with their new church what they have learned about the church when they were overseas. We pray for trust and close friendship between the leaders of the churches and these new believers.
While the government is unlikely to begin tearing down crosses across China,local authorities are expected to begin scrutinizing the finances and foreign ties of churches. What has been happening in Zhejiang is a test. ​Zhejiang (especially in Wenzhou) has a higher percentage of Christians than other places in China. We pray that rather than flaunting their wealth and accomplishments by the​ majestic church buildings they erect, they will remember the poor churches and the needs of God's kingdom.

越來越多中國人在結束海外的學習和工作時選擇返回國發展,在他們當中有一些在國外剛信主的新信徒。我們為這些曾在海外生活時能認識主又回歸祖國的中國人獻上感謝。求主賜給更多人能跟隨他們的腳踪, 選擇人生最美的祝福: 接受救恩、相信耶穌。
目前雖然中國政府沒有在全國各地拆除十字架的跡象,但是地方政府將開始審查教堂等宗教機構的財政及其與國外的關係 。在浙江省,尢其是溫州,基督徒的比例比較高。我們為信徒不以教會的建築宏偉華麗,成為炫耀財富和成就來禱告。願主幫助我們,總是記念那些身處貧窮困苦的肢體,也不忘記神國的需要。