Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Prayer Request 9/17 - 9/23

Because they feared they would lose control of China's youth, the Communist Party, demanded sweeping political education across China's more than 283,000 primary and secondary schools but these changes have run into opposition and even mockery from some parents and educators. We pray that believer parents in China will know what the Bible requires of them, to raise godly children for the Lord and to pray for them so they will walk in His path. (Mal 2:15)
Some better-educated parents in China protested an official decision to make traditional Chinese medicine a required course for fifth-grade students. Parents worried that such changes would come at the expense of instruction in subjects like biology and chemistry. Nearly all the children in China today are of the only-child generation who bear all the hope and expectation of their parents, Christians are no exception. Unfortunately, spiritual nurturing is often an afterthought or even ignored. We pray that the Lord will move parents to know that their most precious achievement is that their children will know God.
Mr. Xi’s educational campaign has also extended to universities, where officials have banned textbooks that promote “Western values” and punished professors for straying from the Communist line. Some scholars describe restrictions on free speech in the classroom to be very severe. Many believers demand that their children learn everything and expect the best from them, thus giving themselves and their children a lot of pressure, and straining the parent-child relationship. We pray that God will remind the parents to provide spiritual teaching and model their faith.
As Mr. Xi raised the volume in patriotic education, critics fear that the Party’s message is getting drowned out in younger generations immersed in social media and the internet. A recent study found that students in China appear to be tuning out excessive propaganda. In China, children are the focus, if not the center of a family, and more important than God even for the Christian families. We pray for believing parents so they will teach their children to fear God and seek His wisdom in how to discipline them so they will walk in His path.
In 2010, an official national survey found that the “incessant ideological indoctrination by the Chinese government turns out to be counterproductive,” with trust in the government falling among those who received higher levels of education. When children in China received atheistic and patriotic education, plus indoctrination of the Communist Party from their teachers, they are naturally hostile to their parents' Christian faith. Let us pray for a healthy parent-child relationship for every Christian family, and that the Lord will help all parents live out His love and grace.
Chinese schools prohibit students from having any religious beliefs and practice any religion on campus. Schools make use of the daily flag-raising ceremony, assemblies and other activities to strengthen students' ideological education and to inspire loyalty to the Party. Christian families face tremendous pressures in China. Many Christian parents will allow their children not to admit their faith and avoid troubles. We pray for comfort for all Christian parents and that God will help them live out their faith for their children, and stand in the gap for their children.
As part of Mr. Xi’s effort to glorify the early days of the Party and its role in defending China from foreign invaders, the new Chinese educational curriculum features prominently anti-Japanese sentiment. We pray for wisdom and good parent-child relationship, so Christian parents can teach and communicate God’s word to their children, be able to teach the children His love and forgiveness, and be an example of God’s unconditional love.

國家主席 - 習的思想教育運動也擴展到大學。禁止宣揚「西方價值觀」的教科書,並懲罰那些偏離黨方針路線的教授。一些學者表示課堂上的言論自由已遭嚴重限制。許多信徒家長也要求孩子什麼都學,且成績要優秀,帶給自己和孩子沉重壓力,親子關係不堪。求主幫助親子間能有良好關係,尤其提醒父母著重子女靈性培育和以身教見證信仰,成就他們人生的祝福。