Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Prayer Request 11/13 - 11/19

Pyramid schemes (known in Chinese as ‘chain selling’), are almost an epidemic, especially in rural areas where education levels are low. People are selling all sorts of products to their friends. We pray for all believers, as we are warned that, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. “ (1Ti 6:10)
Pyramid schemes flourish in parts of China. The schemes prey on the vulnerable, typically young people and the elderly, with the promise of employment or lucrative returns for direct sales of products like cosmetics or health supplements. Unfortunately, not a few churches have a problem of recruiting and selling products among their members. We pray for churches to know how to approach this problem, lest the house of the Lord become a marketplace and worse, a den of thieves.
Pyramid schemes in China were criminalized in 2005, but they are still booming. People are attracted to them because of the rapid increase in the cost of living, especially the housing costs. Victims are assured of great fortune if they recruit more investors into the operation. We pray that many believers will find true contentment in Jesus and not be fooled by the lure of a quick fortune.
Pyramid schemes give the illusion to naive people that they can get rich quickly without risk. Pyramid schemes rely on attracting a constant stream of new investors. Victims have sunk everything they have – borrowing money and even selling their houses – on the promise of even bigger returns. Let us pray for those believers who are caught up in all these schemes, so they will awake from their foolish pursuits, be free from the trapping of greed and repent of their sin of the love of money.
China has embarked on a series of measures to curb extremist activities to counter internal threats. To enhance the already-strict controls over Muslims and Christians, the government is now banning religious groups from accepting foreign financial aid. We pray that China's government will have the wisdom to check the spread of extremism and cults to ensure the national security, but grant Christians to worship freely. We pray for all in authority, whether in high places of decision making or as the local officials.
Under China's tightened religious regulations, all religious groups must register with the government. Previously, unregistered groups were forbidden to host any kind of worship, this ban now includes all schools. Providing facilities to unregistered religious activities will be fined heavily. We pray for the divine protection of the church in China so that Christians can worship in safety. We too pray that believers will persevere and experience His joy in trials and tribulations. We pray, too that believers will persevere and experience the joy of the Lord in their trials and tribulations.
Young pastors in China have more formal theological training in comparison to their predecessors. They are usually recommended by their senior pastor to attend seminary. However, they do face high expectations once they have completed their training and start serving.We pray that believers will respect their young pastors and not be critical or despise them because of their youth and lack of experience. We pray, too that older pastors will know how to mentor and promote the precious young leaders.

在中國,金字塔式騙局 (華人又稱此為層壓式推銷) 越來越流行,尤其在教育程度較低的農村地區更傳播得快,而朋友圈在所難免地成為直銷渠道。我們來為信徒禱告,願聖靈提醒眾人,貪財是萬惡之根。有人貪戀錢財,就被引誘離了真道,用許多愁苦把自己刺透了。(提前 6:10)
層壓式推銷在中國教育程度低的地區迅速蔓延。這套推銷方法以弱勢者為獵物 ( 尤其是年輕人和長者 ),以直接銷售產品(例如化妝品或健康補品)來換取回報,它更保證有一份豐厚的收入。在神的家中也有很多信徒利用主內肢體的親密情誼,到處拉人加入,成為買賣的對象。願神自己來潔淨祂的教會,賜傳道人智慧來糾正與處理,不叫教會成為圖利的地方,甚至成為賊窩。