Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Prayer Request 2/19 - 2/25

The ratio of female to male people in churches in China is usually two to one and sometimes even higher but this disparity is the opposite of society in general. Women also outnumber men in seminary training and many of them minister effectively and faithfully. We pray for all the women pastors, for strength, a close walk with God and powerful teaching.
In the past twenty years there has been a huge migration of young people into the cities of China, especially among those who are highly educated and also those who are in construction. Both of these groups have more males than females in them. Churches, however, have remained with mostly women members and lack an appeal to younger men. We pray that church leaders will intentionally create programs and meetings that attract men and build up their ministry to men.
The disparity between men and women in the churches In China creates a problem as believers look for a mate. Men can marry a wife who is less educated than he is but it takes great courage for a woman to marry a husband who is less accomplished than she is. This is indeed a tough problem for the churches. We pray that many mature sisters or pastor's wives can provide good teaching and advice for the young ladies who are struggling with the decision of whether to date unbelievers or not.
In China, marrying a wife who is more accomplished than the husband creates certain problems when the couple wants to apply the Biblical principle of the wife obeying her husband. It is difficult when the husband is an unbeliever and the wife is active in the church. We remember in prayer all the sisters whose husbands are not believers. May the Lord give them faith along with an extra measure of patience and steadfastness in prayer so the salvation of their spouses will come soon.
In the churches in China there are more women than men and they are often more involved and committed than the men. They are usually more decisive and creative and in the long run attract more women members to come. May the Lord richly bless all of the Mary's and Martha's in the churches of China. We pray, too, for unity among all of the sisters so they will serve without jealousy or competition.
Since women outnumber men in the churches in China, worship, praise, and all ceremonies tend to become more feminine. The culture tends to be warm, highly personal, and tender. We praise God for what the ladies have contributed to the growth of the churches, especially during the days of persecution. We pray for these unsung and not fully appreciates heroes. May the Lord bless each of them as they serve Him and give selflessly.
It is a fact that there are more women than men among urban churches in China and among teenagers girls outnumber boys. This phenomenon is most likely due to their obedience and dependency on their parents. Very few churches have any program for youth and many refuse to go to church. We pray for wisdom and persistence for believer parents of teenagers, as they maintain a good relationship with their teens and continue to have a spiritual influence on them.

男弱女強的婚姻使夫妻不容易形成合乎聖經的家庭秩序。當然,夫妻中只有一方信主向來是牧養中的難題,特別是妻子熱心事奉主,而丈夫不信時,尤為艱難。我們為丈夫是未信的姊妹禱告, 求神將更多的信心與耐心加給她們,叫她們不灰心,仍恒切祈求,願主感動丈夫的心,早日得著救恩 。
婦女在教會中不僅人數居多,而且也往往相比弟兄更加投入教會。她們對神單純,願意付代價擺上自己,而且有創意和親和力,因此也就帶領更多女性到教會。願神使用眾多 "馬大" 和 "馬利亞" 般的姊妹們,在教會中充份發揮其恩賜,在主裡同心合意興旺福音,沒有任何嫉妒與競爭。
城市教會由於會衆女性偏多,在詩歌、崇拜、見證和禮儀等方面的安排也明顯較陰柔,教會文化注重和追求營造出溫馨、個人化、温情的氛圍。姊妹向來在中國教會的成長裡扮演了極重要的角色,尤其是在被迫害的日子。但是她們的貢獻和擺上卻常被忽略。 求主記念她們的忠心,也大大賞賜她們的事奉及無私的擺上。
都市教會中的男女比例失衡是事實。在 9 - 18歲的少年中,也是女多男少,因著男孩和女孩在順從和依賴感上有性別差異。中國的教會較少有青少年事工,年輕人也覺得教會無聊。我們要為青年信徒家長祈求,求神加添他們智慧,保持健康的親子關係,能繼續給子女們屬靈的影響。