Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prayer Request 1/27 - 2/2

In 2014 China manufactured three hundred million electronic cigarettes, about ninety percent of the global market. Many of the smaller manufacturers are unregulated and their cigarettes are laced with heavy metals, carcinogens and are more dangerous than real cigarettes. When their parents smoke, young people tend to learn to smoke early. We pray for Christian parents whose children smoke or have addiction problems. May the Lord answer their prayers and turn their children to the Lord.
Gambling has been a cash cow for Macau, a city of half a million people, accounting for over 80 percent of Macau’s economy. But, the recent anti-corruption campaign in China has drastically reduced the number of gamblers from China, especially the highrollers. Gambling is particularly a Chinese illness. We pray for Christians whose spouses gamble and philander. May the Lord deliver them and give them people who can and will support and comfort them in church.
Macau gambling’s bearish outlook is caused by China's anti-corruption measures, a slowing economy and a lack of confidence in junket operations — the middlemen act on behalf of the casinos to attract big spenders by arranging their travel and handling their gambling credit. Gambling has ruined so many families. We pray for those who are devastated but refuse to give up to save their marriage. We ask the Lord for matured Christians to help them and that they will experience God’s presence even in the darkest time.
There is a saying that when a man gets rich he goes bad but when a woman goes bad, she gets rich. This shows that wealth is corrupting men--the figure of the newly-rich man as a womanizer was prevalent in the late 1990's and early 2000's--and women as well. We pray that Christians who become well-off financially will not become conceited and greedy, lest they fall and shame the name of God.
The vast majority (90%) of businesswomen in China are either divorced or single. They feel pressure to get married but are often reluctant to do so because the men whom they consider their social equals demand them to quit working as a condition of marriage. We pray for sisters in the church who are either divorced or single. May the Lord bless them with vibrant spiritual life and much growth in the truth of God. May He be their strength and comfort, giving them the desire of their hearts.
In China there is less of the sense that romantic relationships are tainted by money than one finds in the West. There is a sense that if one loves and cares for another person, he or she demonstrates that love through concrete actions. Many Christian couples in China divorce using the excuse of failure to provide adequate financial support. We pray for the marriages of all believers, that the church will provide Biblical teaching and practical counseling for their members
In a Chinese marital relationship love is demonstrated through fulfilling one's duties such as earning money for the needs of the family, doing domestic chores, and caring for those who are sick. Most of the young Christians have gotten married without pre-marital counseling so they do not know how to deal with conflict in a Biblical way. We pray that newly-wed Christian couples will have Jesus Christ as the Lord of their homes.