Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prayer Request 4/22 - 4/28

TuesdayChinese peasants have always seen college education as the main way to get out of their poverty but a college diploma is no longer a guarantee to a job. Hence, parents must re-think their strategy. We ask for wisdom for young people in the church who face the choice between choosing a career and doing advanced study. May the Lord enable them to see the direction and the steps toward His goal for them and may their parents be willing to let the Lord use their children for His work.
We need to pay more attention to the needs of the wives of pastors in the churches of China that their personal growth. Their well-being mean a lot for their own families and the healthy development of their church as well. We pray for strength, revival of spiritual life, the joy of the Lord and a sense of God's presence for each and every one of them and that churches will be appreciative of them and recognize the great sacrifice they make--care about them holistically.
A good wife is the best helper for a pastor when she exemplifies a positive, responsive, victorious life that is full of hope. She can be a channel of blessing for the whole church. We pray for more people who care about the family of their pastors, especially his wife, We ask the Lord for more sisters who can be close friends to the pastor's wife and through their loving care and involvement bring revival to their church.
The major challenge to people who lead college ministries in China comes in issues of co-habitation, dating, and countering the secular view of marriage. Once the students begin to live together, they fall prey to lust and find it very difficult to extract themselves from that lifestyle. We pray for wisdom for those who minister among college students so they will be able with great tact, compassion, and friendship to help their young people discern God's will for their lives.
When it comes to dating, young seekers in the college fellowships usually approach it base on “feeling” or “gut instinct”. Among the believers, even though they know dating is for seeking marriage partner, but they are deeply influenced by secular views and attitudes. We know a bit of the difficulties of ministering to the college students, especially in dating, they often make their leaders sad. So, we pray that they would not discouraged, but rather able to serve their students with acceptance and love, helping them to mature spiritually and know His will.
Chinese girls these days look for tall, rich, and handsome men and men look for fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful girls. Many young Christians hold this exact same view and do not consider the quality of spiritual life at all. Many young Christian workers fail miserably in this aspect and even give up serving in the church. We pray for them that the Lord will revive them spiritually and lead them back to church knowing full well that God would never forsake or condemn them.
Many of the ladies In the churches in China are forced to marry non-believers because there are always fewer men in the church to begin with and the brothers are not good matches. Hence, they are forced to many non-Christians. We pray for those sisters who are advanced in age and are afraid of "being left out of marriage". We pray for peace and joy for them knowing the God has a great plan ahead for them so they will not lower their standard but rather seek to know and do God's will in their lives.

教會應該更關注師母群體的靈命成長及關懷等事工,這不僅是關乎牧者家庭的幸福和諧,更是整個中國教會事工健康開展的重要因素。我們來為師母們禱告,願神加添她們的力量,復興她們的靈命,常存喜樂,經歷神的同在。也求主賜給教會有感恩的心,肯定師母們的犧牲擺上,更實際地關心她們在身心靈上的需要 。
牧養當今大學生團契的最大挑戰是抗衡社會流行的同居、擇偶和婚戀觀。在社會風氣的影響下,同學容易耳濡目染、隨波逐流。當同居後,就很難脫離,軟弱地陷在情慾的轄制中,需要加倍努力才能掙脫開。 我們為服事大學生的同工們有聖靈的引導禱告,能有智慧幫助年輕信徒明白神在他們一生的旨意,也有技巧地帶著愛與憐憫來教導同居的同學們認識神的心意。