Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Prayer Request 6/19 - 6/25

Many of the young people from China who study abroad return home as new believers in Jesus Christ. It is difficult to do a long-term follow up of these young people and many of them don't even go to church. We pray for the continuing spiritual growth of all converts and ​that ​there will be ways to help them grow.​
In the past, churches in China have not valued student ministry because they are considered a poor investment. We ask God to change this wrong attitude, so we will have a kingdom perspective, knowing we are investing​ in people God can use in other churches and preparing vessels God will use for His Kingdom.
It is a trend that ​the ​majority of students who studied abroad will return to China. When these Chinese converts return home, they often find it difficult to find a church where they feel comfortable.​ ​It is important to connect them to churches and more importantly smaller fellowship groups. We pray that ​church leaders in China ​will ​see the need to reach out to young believers and include them in their ministries, especially those churches in the larger cities.
Becoming a Christian has changed young Christians’ views about the pursuit of wealth. For them, they have lived their whole life listening to their parents. Choosing to believe in Jesus is the only major decision they have made for themselves. We pray for all of the young believers whose parents are not Christians. May the Lord continue to​ help their faith to grow so they will have an even more powerful and convincing testimony in front of their parents.
In the economic boom days, Shenyang's heavy industrial enterprises, mostly government-owned, grew rapidly. As China's investment dropped, these large factories were quickly shut down. Rural churches in China seem to follow the same course. They went into rapid decline as young people left their villages to work in the cities. We pray for extra mercy, beseeching God for faithful workers. We pray for sisters who will assume caring and teaching ministries with their churches.
Economic stagnation in Shenyang area plus other similar regions can seriously constrain China's overall economic development. It is evident that rural churches in China are in serious trouble. They have lost many young people who left to work in cities. For rural churches in decline, we pray for mercy, may the Lord give them a breakthrough to share the gospel with their villagers.
Shenyang has a plan to stimulate its economy by attracting investment and entrepreneurship. So does every province in China. There are already plenty of cities in northeastern China competing with Shenyang. Many are pessimistic about the future of rural churches in China. We believe God is able to do great things and raise up faithful workers to feed His sheep in villages throughout China.
在中國,年輕人決志信主後,最大的改變是對追求財富改觀。昔日他們是聽從父母「五子登科」的期望,但是現今卻知道遵照那位為我們死而復活的主的心意而活。 我們來為他們未信主的家長禱告,求聖靈在他們心中做感動及鬆土的工作。我們更為這些年輕人禱告,願神幇助他們的信心日日成長,流露出生命見證更有力。