Monday, July 17, 2017

Prayer Request 7/18 - 7/24

The conservative estimate of the "Left Behind" children in China is about sixty-one million or one in five of the children in the villages. Nearly all of the adults who are of working age have gone to work in the cities so only the old and very young are left behind. In general, few churches have the resources (especially the trained leaders) to minister to the children of believers and help them grow spiritually. We pray that more believers will see the seriousness of this crisis and at least try to address the needs.
In China, "Left Behind" children are often united with their parents only once a year. Although some parents do call or video chat, it is not uncommon that the long separation causes these children to feel estranged from and even unable to connect with their parents emotionally. Children need the attention of their parents. We pray for healing for families of believers that suffer poor and even broken parent-children relationships that they will claim their God-given role and responsibility to rear godly children.
The "Left Behind" children in China struggle at school and also suffer higher rates of issues in the areas of mental health and behavioral problems in school than their counterparts. We pray for rural churches to be more involved in ministering to the children who are left behind. They can at least provide some comfort or emotional support. We pray, too, for Christians who can support various camps and Vacation Bible Schools specifically targeting the needs of the "Left Behind" children.
"Left Behind" children are literally creating an entire generation of Chinese who lack security and confidence with serious and potentially disastrous social consequences. We pray that in every church in China, God will raise up people who are loving, mature, and willing to reach out to those young people who come from broken homes, are academically challenged, and even troubled behaviorally.
In China, the "Left Behind" children are usually under the care of their grandparents who can provide only daily meals for them but are really unable to help them with school work or anything else. Can the rural churches do anything to help these children of believers? We know the difficulties churches have to provide a meaningful children's ministry but we ask God to give wisdom and strength to those who are involved, to help these "Left Behind" children to know their heavenly Father and learn the Biblical way.
Some of the "Left Behind" children in China have not seen their own parents for years so they have little memory of them and basically no meaningful parent-child relationship. We know that children who are without an intact family or healthy family relationship quickly drop out of a church. We pray that the Lord will remind us all that churches need to teach and stress family and parenting, not only in sermons but also in counseling.
In China, many of the "Left Behind" children spend the entire summer break in internet cafes because there are no adults to supervise them. These children pick up bad habits, and some are even raped. Not a few die in accidents. We pray for all of the summer camps and classes sponsored by churches and Christian groups that the Lord will touch the heart of children who do not live with their parents through these venues, that they will know Jesus at a young age and have hope for their lives.

保守估計中國至少有六千一百萬「留守孩童」,即在農村每五個孩子當中就有一個。農村裡有能力賺錢的年輕人都進城打工,留下來的都是老人和小孩。 一般教會鮮有提供相對的事工,尤其是缺乏受過裝備的同工來領導、幫助信徒的孩子靈命成長,信仰便難以傳至下一代。求神憐憫與施恩,興起弟兄姊妹能看見這承傳的危機,積極回應這個急迫的需要。
中國的留守兒童一年最多和外出打工的父母見上一次面,雖然平日也能藉著電話或視頻聯繫,但孩子與父母長時間分離,感情自然生疏,有些甚至已認不得父母了。對兒童而言,不論留守在農村或遷入城市,父母的關注都極其重要。我們求主憐恤那些親子關係疏離、不和,甚至破裂的家庭,求主醫治和修合彼此親情的傷痕,使家長能恢復神托負的身份與責任 -養育敬虔的後裔。
「留守兒童」是“對人缺乏安全感和信任的一整代人" 將對中國社會產生巨大的影響,更可能是一個潛在的災難性的影響。求主感動各教會滿有愛心的成熟信徒們,願意為主走出去,關懷那些家庭不美滿,學業表現也不優秀,甚至有行為問題的年輕孩子。
每年暑假期間,由於長時間缺乏家人的照顧和督導,不少「留守兒童」因而流連網吧、染上惡習、甚至發生嚴重的意外。我們為每年暑假,教會及機構在各地舉行夏令營、暑期班禱告。 求神觸摸改變這些幼小心靈,使他們從小就能在主裡建立正確而積極的人生觀,一生蒙主護佑、賜福。