Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Prayer Request 11/24 - 11/30

​Since the government of China feels it should distribute quotas across provinces and cities, this works against rural provinces with a large population like Henan.​ We pray for all of the young people in the churches who are studying for the college entrance examination since they usually stop attending church even at the beginning of high school. We ask the Lord to strengthen their faith, help them to be able to prioritize their lives, and honor God above all.
The central ​government of China allots a larger portion of the quota of students who can go to a university to the big cities so the population there will remain content since they feel this is more important politically.Many Christians also feel that the urban churches are more important than rural ones are on many levels. God loves everyone no matter who we are or where we live. We pray for His grace and salvation for every person in China whether he/she is from a city or from the country.
Most of the top universities in China are in Shanghai or Beijing and they prefer to give more of their slots for students to local people. The household registration system in China means that people cannot freely move from one area to another to get into a better school. Some Christians are unable to get their children into a "good" school because of the restrictions ​imposed by the household registration system. We pray that God will provide for them by opening doors because of their persistent faith in Him.
Beijing University, the elite university in China allocated eighty-five spots for the 758,000 students from Henan in 2013 which came to a recruitment rate of 0.01%. However, it accepted 226 (out of 73,000) students from Beijing, a rate of 0.31%. Those who study in the universities in Beijing are considered elite students. We pray for people in each of the college fellowships in Beijing. May the Lord grant them spiritual growth and even call some to serve Him in full-time ministries.
Official statistics show that in 2014, 24.8% of the students who applied from Beijing were accepted into top universities in China while for Henan province only 6.9% and for Sichuan province​ only 5.5% were accepted. In China inequality of educational opportunities is a fact. We pray for young believers who are not in the big cities. May the Lord give them faith realizing that His plan is greater than our plan and God can accomplish what we cannot.
One reason many good students in Henan forgo the gaokao (college entrance exam)​ is that the poor odds of their being admitted into a top school since are so poor since students from big cities like Beijing can get into the same school with a lower score. Let us pray for those young Christians who have done their best but are still unable to get into good universities. We pray that their faith will not falter and that they will hang on to the promise of God not to forsake them in any circumstance.
Unequal university admission is one reason wealthy parents in Henan and similar areas often send their children studying abroad, if they feel the chance of entering a prestigious university is not good. Last year, 459,800 Chinese study abroad, an increase of 11.1% from 2013. Many Christian parents worry about their children’s college education, academic performance and the costs. May the Lord hear their prayer, add to their faith, so they will know that the Lord has the best plan for all who honor and love Him.