Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Prayer Request 5/16 - 5/22

In China,the High School Entrance Examination is also known as the junior high school graduation exam, which is commonly referred to as the “zong kao”. There is even ​an ​entrance examination to get into better kindergartens. We pray for faith in God for Christian parents, so they will firmly know that children are ​a ​gift from God and He has a special plan for each one of them.
Getting into a good high school is critical for Chinese students as the first step into a good college. The month of May is the high school entrance examination time in China and is therefore the most stressful time for their parents. We pray for Christian families who have teens taking the entrance examinations this year. May the Lord give them strength and patience as parents who will help their teens prepare for the exams in this mentally grueling time.​
The High School Entrance Examination is composed of exams in language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, sports, and health. There are also open book exams for history and ethics. In Xinjiang, non-Han students can use both textbooks and dictionaries for the language part. We pray for wisdom and stamina for students from Christian families as they prepare for the entrance examinations. We pray, too, that they will know the true meaning of "The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom; and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. " (Prov. 9:10)
Students from China who​ have studied abroad are returning to China and women comprise the majority of them. They return because jobs and prospects for marriage are hard to find abroad. A considerable number of these returnees have come to Christ while they were overseas.We give thanks for all of those who came to a saving knowledge of Jesus while they studied abroad--a result of the great sacrifice and seed sown by many Chinese churches overseas.
​Every June in China, gaokao, the university entrance exam, determines the fate of all students who seek higher education or a lifetime of success which in China is equated with and dependent on academic success, namely doing well on the entrance examinations at all levels.​Parents in China are under great pressure to help their children have academic success We pray for faith for Christian parents and that they will always remember to teach their children that God will honor their desire if they put God first in their lives.​
Some churches in China have become stagnant in attendance and ministries, their members feel disappointed and even stopped attending church. Many gave the reasons of leadership not attuned to suggestion and lacking impetus for improvement. We pray for God’s mercy, giving wisdom to the leaders to seek His will and help their believers to work together, building up one another, and have the diligence awaiting His imminent return.
China’s Internet has become increasingly mobile driven. Ninety-two percent​ of the 710 million internet users there now use their mobile phones to access the web for shopping, chatting with friends, or seeking information, entertainment, or just social messaging.We pray for the Christian content sent and received on the cell phone by believers, that all of these messages and articles will be edifying and lead people to intercede for others as well as to meditate on God's word and promote deeper and closer fellowship.

每年五月是中考季節。中考是決定上好大學所邁出的第一步,中考跟高考,幾乎決定著孩子的未來, 這也是家長們最緊張的時期。我們為今年有孩子面臨中考和高考的信徒家庭禱告,這是孩子和家長最艱難的日子,求主加添父母力量和耐心,又幫助孩子忠心和專心,盡本份應考。
中國的網路已經越來越多地由傳統電腦轉到移動裝置,在7.1 億中國網民中,超過92%人使用手機上網、網上購物、與朋友聊天,使用微博和微信等獲取信息和娛樂。我們為在手機上傳播基督教信息,信徒所傳送的信息禱告。求神使用這些內容幫助信徒,彼此代禱,思考神的話語,也讓弟兄姊妹之間有更密切的聯繫和深入的交通。

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