Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Prayer Request 1/8 - 1/14

Employment prospects for many university students in China are looking increasingly grim with only 76% of the 2012 graduates being able to find a job. Only 30% of those graduating felt they would be able to successfully find work and most lacked confidence in the job market. Many college students accept Jesus while they are in school but after they graduate are lost to follow-up or stop attending church. Let us pray for all the Christian college students that they will continue to grow in their faith and that there will be people who can help them to connect to churches near their work.
China is suspected to be the source of counterfeit drugs that have held back the fight against malaria in Africa. This past year officials have shut down a thousand small companies that manufacture counterfeit medicine. Even the people in China themselves are leery about the efficacy of drugs made there. Many naïve and unsuspecting believers are led astray by cults or foreign religions that claim to be Christian. Let us pray that churches will be bold in preaching against false teachers and prophets who are savage wolves in sheepskins.
Nearly half of Chinese elderly live alone. Filial piety remains the centre of China's moral compass, and has been incorporated into all of the country's major religions and belief systems. We pray that Christians will be a great example of those who honor parents and our God is glorified. As we honor our elderly parents, we know not only God is watching us, and so are our own children watching how we treat their grandparents.
The new version of "24 acts of filial piety” are guidelines urging people to listen to their parents' reminiscences, teach them how to get on the Internet, take pictures of them, say “I love you” out loud, help them through what bothers them, and support their hobbies.Chinese are shy in showing affection verbally. All these reminders are good for believers too. Let us pray for our parents, not only for healthjoy, but having ability to enjoy lifebeing independent, but also loved by their children and grandchildren.
The new version of "24 acts of filial piety” ask children to make sure their parents’ health insurance is up to date and take them for medical appointments. To have plenty of communication with parents, take parents to important social occasion, take them to visit work place and take them to vacation or visit favorite places. There are plenty of Christians who spent more time for church related matters and ignored their own family. We ask the Holy Spirit to convict us of these mistakes and oversight. We pray that our family will appreciate our dedication to God is not in vain at all, and they are blessed by it.
The new "24 acts of filial piety” includes a child should try to exercise with his/her parents, get involved in their activities, go with them to visit their old friends and go see an old movie with them together. Spending time with parents takes times and patience, and it is hard to balance demand from children and parents in the same time. We pray for wisdom and remember God’s promises that God honor us when we honor our parents.
What will the churches in China look like in the future? At the present time there are many churches springing up in the cities but the vast majority of them are independent and not connected with others. Believers usually do not know about believers in other, even nearby churches. Leaders in many Chinese churches are considering joining a fellowship of churches or a denomination so they can become stronger and exchange resources. We pray about this trend and ask God to help Christians to be able to have more fellowship with other Christians and support each other.
目前有近50%的老人孤守「空巢」。「百善孝為先」 是中國的道德、信仰的核心。我們求主幫助每一個信徒都是孝敬父母的好見證,讓天父得著榮耀。當我們孝敬我們的老爸老媽時,不僅是神在觀看我們的好行為,我們孩子的眼睛也是雪亮的,我們對父母親尊敬、細緻的愛,都能成為他們孝敬我們的好模範。
最近政府綜合社會現狀,推出新「24孝」行動,是倡議性質而非強制實施。新24 孝的第8.:仔細聆聽父母的往事;9.教父母學會上網;10.經常為父母拍照;11.對父母的愛要說出口;12.打開父母的心結;13.支持父母的業餘愛好。中國人含蓄,很難將情愛說出口。這些行動對信徒也是很好的提醒,求主幫助我們願意在孝親關係上下功夫。也求神保守父母親健康,心情愉快,在晚年仍能獨立生活,享受三代一起的天倫之樂。
24孝的第15 條:定期帶父母體檢;16.為父母購買合適的保險;17.常跟父母溝通; 18.帶父母一起出席重要的活動;19.帶父母參觀你工作的地方;20.帶父母去旅行或故地重遊。不少基督徒花時間在教會事工上,遠超過自己的家庭,常因此忽略了家人。願聖靈指正我們的短缺,也求主讓我們的家人看見我們為主的擺上,不是徒勞,而是能帶來更多屬天的祝福。
24孝的21條:和父母一起鍛煉身體;22.適當參與父母的活動;23.陪父母拜訪他們的老朋友;24.陪父母看一場老電影。陪伴年長的父母需要花時間也要有耐心。 不少信徒還要兼顧上下老少兩代。我們求主賜給我們充足的智慧與愛心,也抓住神信實的應許,因為神必喜悅並賜福給那些遵行祂誡命孝敬父母的人。
中國教會的未來是何面貌?目前城市新興教會之中有很多不同的系統及支派,許多教會都只有一間堂會,在肢體相交上,不免有孤單感。 教會領袖們為此自然會想到歸屬問題, 這歸屬乃是實際的肢體生命交流與事工的合作,我們祈求主看顧和引導信徒們彼此間能有更多的交通、支持,屬靈資源有更廣泛的分享與交流。

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