Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayer Request 1/29 - 2/4

As early as 2009 there were 100 million cases of mental illness of varying degrees in China and sixteen million of them were severe. That means that one out of thirteen people in China has mental illness. The label “Mentally ill” is a unique phenomenon in China and actually inflates the true number of mental cases. In every church there are a few cases but no one really knows how to help them or deal with them. It is rather shameful for the family also. We ask the Lord for believers who are willing to reach out and help. Let us pray for those who suffer from this problem and their families.
In China many are labeled as “Mentally ill” not by doctors but merely because they have been seeking reprieve for injustice. Once they have been so labeled, they are locked up and receive long term treatment against their will. Let us pray for all the believers who care for family members with mental illness, mental retardation, and other handicaps. Unfortunately, these people are not accepted or even welcomed in churches. May each of us appreciate the heart of Jesus even more than we have before.
The severity of mental health problems in China is particularly acute. Mental illness ranks first in the total burden of all illnesses and accounts for twenty percent of the total public expenditures for illness. About sixteen million Chinese have been diagnosed with severe mental illness at the present time.The lack of access to medical help for patients with mental illness is a huge problem, especially in rural areas. It also seems that poverty and mental illness go together. May the Lord have mercy and grant healing as well as helping others to share the love of Jesus with them.
There are one hundred million people in China who have mental illness of varying degrees but fewer than half of the people there have a basic awareness of mental illness and even fewer people get the medical care needed. China lacks the infrastructure and personnel to care for mental illness since there is only one psychologist for every 100,000 people. The majority of pastors in China do not have any training to know how to help their flocks with emotional or psychological issues. We ask the Lord to give each of the shepherds who must care for those who suffer depression (a very common illness) wisdom and compassion.
At the present time China really lacks medical care and management for all of her mentally ill patients. Most of the cases of mental disorders are still in the “Laissez-faire” state and it is nearly impossible to prevent them from injuring themselves, committing suicide, murder, assault, or running into other unforeseen circumstances. Family members of those who have mental illness feel they are helpless and that no one really cares about them. We pray that churches will be the first to be sensitive to those who are ill mentally and not despise them but be willing to help the families who struggle with caring for those who are mentally ill.
Even among those who have found work in China, job satisfaction is low with about two-thirds of 2011 graduates saying they have worked at least one to two different jobs since they graduated. Job-hopping is common and only 1.6 percent of the university graduates were satisfied with their jobs. There are always believers who change churches because they are not happy with the teaching or the fellowship. This has become even more common now in China. We pray for spiritual growth for all who have not been able to stay long, get involved, or stay committed in a church.
Since the price of property has become so high, owning a home is increasingly more difficult and more than seventy percent of college students in China now feel as if they belong to the “lower” or “lower-middle” class of people. It is sad that young people feel they belong to the lower classes but even in their churches many of them feel the same way because they have little “say” in the churches or their needs are not really met. We pray again that churches will reach out and embrace young people, value their presence and their input.
在中國被視為患有精神病的人數,早在2009 已超過1億,其中列為重度精神病患者至少有1,600萬人。以此類推,每13個中國人就有一個是精神病人。「精神病」在中國是個特殊的現象,精神病人數有被浮報的情形。每個教會總會有幾位精神病患,但卻沒有人真正知道該如何去幫助他們,甚至把他們當瘋子看待。讓我們為那些有精神病的信徒代求,更紀念他們的家人,願主的憐憫、醫治臨到他們。
精神衛生問題的嚴重性在中國十分突出。 精神疾病在中國疾病總負擔中排名居首位,約佔疾病總負擔的20%,其中有嚴重精神障礙患者約1600萬人。精神病患者得不著醫療幫助是一個龐大的問題,特別是在農村地區。精神病與貧窮似乎共生存在著。我們祈求神的憐憫與醫治臨到這些病患和他們的家人,也希望有更多基督徒與他們分享耶穌的愛。

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