Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prayer Request 1/22 - 1/28

Beijing and cities in northern China were shrouded in a thick haze recently. Fog, high humidity, lack of wind compounded by heavy pollution and burning of coals for heating made the air quality the worst in recent years. Let us pray for all the believers who have respiratory illness and especially the elderly and the young children. May the Lord give them the good health in the bitter cold weather. We too remember all the church activities that may be affected by the bad air quality.
Undeniably, Chinese are a proud race with great pride in her cultural and ethnic heritage. Yet, such pride seriously hamper China churches’ missionary desire and effort. Chinese send out missionaries not merely to save lost souls, they feel they are best suited to be cross-cultural missionaries now. Let us pray that we have great burden and urgency to save all the lost souls. We ask the Lord to motivate and compel them to spread the Gospel, especially among the church leaders. May the Lord remove the nationalistic pride and give us His humility.
China leads the world having the most people able to get online, but only 19.1% of Chinese are actually online which is lower than the global average of 21.1%. Internet is the gateway for Chinese to reach the rest of world despite the Great Fire Wall. We pray that more Chinese are able know the redemption of Jesus and eternal hope via Christian websites. And, more Chinese believers are blessed by the Christian content online.
Chinese teens addicted to Internet games is a huge problem. One factor is lack of alternatives and space for recreation. To them, other types of recreation are not appealing or the cost is not affordable. We want to pray for wisdom and patience for believer parents whose children are addicted in games. We must pray for Chinese churches who have little to offer both the teens grew up in Christian homes and practical helps for parents. May the Lord have mercy on us!
In some part of western China, it is hard to find a church even in city with population of half a million. It is not likely that people would have heard the Gospel there. Even till today, vast majority of Chinese churches are in the southeastern and coastal provinces. As many churches think of the global mission, we pray that believers will not forget that much of the western China remain unreached, especially among the Muslim minorities. May the Lord add to us all, the vision and burden of reaching out to people who have never heard of Jesus Christ.
At best, six percent of Chinese in China are Christians, this number include those in the house church. But, the vast majority of believers are Han Chinese. Among the 55 ethnic minorities, less than 1% is Christian and in the central and western China have little Christian presence. Let us pray for the evangelism effort among the minorities groups. Han Chinese Christians forget that ethnic minorities have totally different cultures and are not inferior, we ask the Lord to give churches a passion to carry the Gospel to the ethnic minorities.
The younger generation of Chinese have a complicated and mixed feeling toward Japan. They love the Japanese electronics and adore the Japanese pop culture, but they are anti-Japan because of the nationalistic sentiment. We pray for the young generation of believers so they will catch the vision in sharing the Gospel, able to accept the poor and marginalized people in their community first with God’s love and righteousness, rather than overwhelmed with mere nationalistic pride.

中國人有極強烈的民族、文化優越感,這是勿庸置疑的,然而這也嚴重影響了教會宣教的心態,已不再是出於迫切關心失喪靈魂的悲憫心腸,而是出於中國人唯我莫屬的民族優越感。求主幫助我們都懷有基督耶穌般為迷羊的靈魂焦急、憂傷的心。願主的愛來充滿中國信徒,特別是從教會領袖開始。更求主賜給我們謙卑,挪去我們不合 神心意的民族優越感。
目前中國擁有了數量領先世界的網民。可是中國網路普及率僅為19.1%,仍然低於 21.1%的全球平均質。雖然政府設置了強大的防火牆篩檢所有進入國內的網絡資訊,但互聯網仍是中國人民穫取世界訊息的主要大門。求主引導我們運用諸般的智慧,將福音的好消息傳揚出去,成為中國信徒的祝福 ,也幫助更多中國網民能透過各類基督教網站,認識耶穌基督的救贖大恩,得著永生的福份。
中國較西部的地區,即使是擁有五十萬人口的城市,也很可能沒一間教會,同胞們得聞福音的機會實在很少。中國教會發展至今,仍主要集中在東南沿海一帶。許多中國教會樂於高喊海外宣教的口號, 但是在大西部, 包括了篤信回教的少數民族,都有很多還未聽過主耶穌拯救的福音。願主加添我們有宣教的異意象及負擔,在大西部願意為祂做見證
現在中國信徒包括家庭教會在內, 約佔全國人口6%,但得到福音的絕大部分是漢族。中、西部省分仍有眾多未得之民,尤其在五十五個少數民族中,信徒更是少於1%!我們要為在少數民族中的福音事工來禱告,許多信徒常會以自己是漢人而流露出驕傲之情,卻忘記了少數民族有其不同的文化傳統及期待被平等對待和尊重的感受。求主幫助以漢人為主的中國教會,更能貼近神的心意,願意以謙虛的心懷將福音分享給國內少數民族的同胞。

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