Saturday, October 05, 2019

Prayer Request 10/1 - 10/7

“Where does our happy life come from? Who gave it to us?” the teacher asked. “It comes from the blood of revolutionary martyrs! From the Red Army!” A student proudly said. This is a glimpse of patriotic education among the grade-schoolers in China. The Bible does not specify the age of accountability but clearly says children are saved by believing in Jesus(Matt. 18:6). We pray for Christian parents that they will know they are the most important teachers and the life-long models for their children to learn about God.
For decades, the Chinese Communist Party has pushed a stiff regimen of ideological education on students, requiring tedious lessons on Marx and Mao and canned lectures on the virtues of patriotism and loyalty. Nearly 65% of Christians believed in Jesus at the ages of 4 to 14 years old. We pray that believer parents will know how critical this ten year period is and make sure to help their children to come to know the Lord and sincerely follow Jesus.
Now, amid fears that the party is losing its grip on young minds, President Xi Jinping is reshaping political education across China’s more than 283,000 primary and secondary schools for a new era. Parents need to spend time on the spiritual development of their children, especially when children are small and their parental influence is still great. We pray that Christian parents will intentionally and with a plan to teach the Bible and pray with their children.
Textbooks are getting a larger dose of Communist Party lore in China, including glorified tales about the party’s fights against foreign invaders like Japan. Schools are adding courses on traditional medicine and Confucian thought to highlight China’s achievements as a civilization. Many Chinese mothers are the so-called “tiger mom” who will do anything to make sure their children perform well scholastically. We pray for Christian mothers that they will take the time to pray with and share their passion for the Lord with their children.
In China, in the students’ curriculum, the government is also scaling back discussion of iconoclastic writers like Lu Xun, amid concerns that exposing students to social criticism may inspire disobedience.Although most Christian parents know they are responsible for the moral and spiritual growth of their children, they still delegate it to their church. May the Lord forgive us, change us and help us to be serious about the effort to teach.
In a stern directive issued, the party ordered schools to intensify efforts to promote “Chinese traditional and socialist culture"— a mix of party loyalty and patriotic pride in China’s past. The spiritual foundation of a child is shaped before the age of nine. And their spiritual identity is established before the age of 13. We pray for believer parents in China that they can raise children who will love the Lord, in the atheistic educational system.
In a new approach, the Communist Party of China is presenting itself less as a vanguard of proletarian revolution and more as a force for reviving China and restoring it to its rightful place as a world power.God has entrusted parents to nurture their children spiritually, instead of the church. We pray that more Christian parents will appreciate the seriousness of this sacred duty, and will teach and share the Biblical moral guidelines and values to their children from an early age.

在一份措辭嚴厲的發表中,官方要求學校「加強中華優秀傳統文化和社會主義先進文化教育」— 對黨忠誠,對中國歷史的愛國主義自豪感。孩子的屬靈根基在九歲前基本定形;並且,13歲以前他們的屬靈身份已確立。我們為中國信徒家長能在無神論的教育制度中,仍然為神養育愛主的第二代來祈求。

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