Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Prayer Request 6/4 - 6/10

China's top long-term problem is a housing bubble--the soaring prices for homes that made landlords rich but shattered the dreams of forming a family for young people. The increase in the price of houses has gone on for forty-four months and is the strongest annual gain since July 2017. Young people in China now expect their parents to buy their first home for them which puts great strain and conflict on the family. We pray for the families that encounter this problem, that the Lord gives them wisdom and discernment and that this will not be a stumbling stone for good family relationships.
Seventy percent of China's "Millennial Generation" (22-37 years old) has a house which is the highest percentage in the world. However, in the first-tier cities of "Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen", many young people actually do not have their own houses. We pray specifically for the young believers in China that the Lord will give them faith and contentment in what they have. We pray, too, that they grow spiritually to maturity, especially in their relationship with their parents.
In most cities in China, it is the price of the home that makes homeowners rich, but young people are priced out of ownership. Family spending is constrained by the heavy burden of the home mortgage payment, and the stagnant real estate market dampens the willingness of consumers to spend. Urban believers in China are more prosperous now and many own multiple homes. We pray that they will be faithful stewards of what the Lord has given them and a channel of blessing to their churches. “Charge the rich in this world that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God,” (1Ti 6:17) 
Soaring prices put homes beyond the reach of the average citizen in China which hurts long-term growth prospects far more than the Sino-American trade war did. Even worse is the soaring price of homes in major Chinese cities which is due to the land policies of the local government which favors rich landlords. Believers and their pastors in China are inevitably affected by high home prices. We pray that God reminds us to focus on Him rather than things of this world and we pray, too for those pastors, that the Lord would be merciful to them and supply all their needs, especially their housing.
Young parents in China plan every stage of education for their children, to get into the best kindergartens, primary schools, and even universities. They also start saving for their college education and career and even the future spouse, saving to buying a home and plan to babysit for the grandchildren. We pray for the believer parents to honor Jesus above their children, knowing it is their duty to raise children to know the Lord from a young age and walk in His path.
In the ghost cities in China, there are luxury villas, skyscraper apartments, lakes, parks, and large-scale road networks, but the only thing missing is the residents. Vacant apartments belong to wealthy landlords who plan to sell them at a higher price one day. We pray that God gives each of us contentment, knowing ‘to whom much is given, much will be required’ (Luke 12:48) and that we will be willing to serve and to give joyfully. We also pray for each of us that we will strive to have “godliness with contentment which is great gain.” (1Ti 6:6)
A survey says that in Beijing forty percent of those younger than thirty purchased their home with money from their parents. About thirty percent of university graduates live in a space smaller than 215 square feet. Many newlyweds or cohabiting couples see living in Beijing as being there to work and do not plan to purchase an apartment. More and more young people have chosen to rent and have no plans to buy a house before marriage because they do not want to burden their parents. We pray that God will help young Christians to honor Him above all and seek His will in their lives, so they can serve the Lord together with their mates.

在中國一些城市,住房擁有者的大部分財富是和房屋密切掛鉤的,高不可攀的房價令年輕人只得望之興嘆。 債務負擔正在約束著衆多家庭的預算,同時房產價值停滯更令許多家庭的消費意願下降。雖然城市信徒遠比二、三十年前富裕得多,有些人甚至擁有多套房子。求主提醒我們不自高,不依靠無定的錢財 (提前六17),而是忠心做神的好管家,讓神赐的恩典成為教會的祝福。
有調查數據顯示,在北京,40%的90後買房都是依靠父母資助,約三成90後大學畢業生居住面積不足20平方米。無數新婚夫妻或同居情侶都只是把北京作為他們奮鬥的據點,不願承擔房奴的壓力。 越來越多年輕人選擇了租房,並沒有打算買了房子再結婚,也不想給家庭增添負擔。 求主幫助年輕基督徒,知道如何將主放在生命的首位,尋求神在他們人生的計劃與引領,與配偶同心事奉主。

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