Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Prayer Request 5/1 - 5/7

The Communist Youth League served as the cradle for generations of Chinese leaders, who rose through it into the high ranks of the party. In China the youth are often the weakest link, if not the missing piece in church ministry. We ​pray that the leaders in the church will redouble their efforts to prepare their young people spiritually and to know the Lord deeply as they invariably are bogged down with school work and the pressure of examinations.
The Communist Youth League in China has been stained by corruption and the criticism​ that it has fallen out of touch with the youthful idealism it was supposed to inspire. Historically, many pastors in China feel distant or intimidated by young and highly educated members in their churches. We pray for more pastors who can teach Biblical truth in a more modern and fresh fashion, making God's Word relevant for young people rather than using only the old-fashioned preaching method. ​
The Communist Youth League traces its inception to the formation of the Chinese Communist Party in the early 1920s, to serve as a bridge to students, young workers, and other potential inductees into the Communist revolution. Churches in China cannot continue to grow youth and young adult ministries as in the past. We pray more pastors and churches will not simply complain about the young people and their culture but will minister to and bless the younger believers as Jesus did.​
The Youth League of China has about 87.5 million members, many of them ​are ​university students who hope to eventually join the party. The maximum age is about 28 for The Youth League. We praise God for the addition of many college students to churches in the cities and we pray that​ churches will intentionally reach out to more students, especially those churches that are situated near campuses or where young people congregate.
In the late 1970's after the Cultural Revolution, the Communist Party leaders in China knew that age would soon catch up with them and made plans to fill the talent gap.​ ​Hence, the Youth League became an important training ground for nurturing potential successors. Churches need to intentionally raise up​ younger leaders, too . We pray for more pastors who will not merely exercise their authority and exclude the younger leaders, but will mentor such pastors and share the recognition with them.
One of the criticisms of The Youth League has been that they are​ “spending too much time sitting in an office trying to get promoted without any practical experience.” We pray for ​ the ​youth ministry of churches in China, many of them ​have ​never heard ​about ​the availability of training, much less the idea and concept of youth ministry. We pray for those who provide and receive the training, we too pray ​that their churches will soon see the benefit and blessing of such ministry.
In Southwest China, Bible training classes are the only way to provide the badly needed pastors for the ethnic minorities there even though these churches are usually poor, culturally and traditionally distinct from Han Chinese churches, and unable to support their shepherds. We pray for the need for church workers for ethnic minorities in China, specifically for the need of teachers to train pastors and financial support for their pastors.

共青團的開端可追溯至1920年代中國共產黨的成立之初,它為學生、青年工人,以及其他可能參加共產主義革命的人起了橋樑作用。 中國的教會不能像過去,繼續忽視青少年和青年事工。求主興起更多的牧者和教會,不是單單抱怨年輕人和他們的文化,而是要如同主耶穌,走入幼小和年輕人群中服事他們。

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