Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Prayer Request 11/8 - 11/14

​At the end of 2015, the total number of students from China who had gone abroad to study was about four million, and the number of those who had returned after their studies was about 2.2 million. Many of these students have had exposure to Christianity and even have become Christians while they are abroad. We praise the Lord for the great harvest by all of the churches that reach out to students and even have well-designed ministered for these Chinese students.
Nearly eighty percent of the Chinese who have studied abroad return to China when they graduate. There are more females than males who go abroad--about sixty percent are female. Connecting with churches and continuing spiritual growth are not easy for those who were baptized abroad and then returned to China. We pray for these Christians that the Lord will keep them from temptation and discouragement and lead them to find fellowship in Christ quickly.
In terms of education, eighty percent of the students who go abroad and then return to China, return with a master's degree, ten percent have a doctoral degree and ten percent have a bachelor's degree. ​The government in China has stepped up the "Patriotic Program" for students going abroad to prevent them from becoming Christians. We pray for fruitfulness for all of the evangelistic efforts by churches and believers, that the Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of young people who have been taught that Christianity is merely a foreign religion.
When students from China return home from abroad and are looking for a job, their chief considerations are career advancement, location, and compensation. Seventy-five percent of them want to be in a city on the east coast, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Shenzhen. In these large cities, there are fellowship groups with Christians who have returned from abroad and even churches for expats. We pray for vibrant and fruitful ministries for them, not only in providing a spiritual home for the young people but also an outreach point through which to reach local people.
In recent years as the number of students returning to China has increased, the competition for jobs has become fierce. Many who have returned are disappointed by the lack of offers and the low beginning salaries, especially after the huge financial investment in their foreign education. ​We pray for Christians who have returned to China from abroad that they will continue to trust God knowing that He has a great purpose and plan for them there.
According to a study by the British embassy of those who returned to China with the enviable master's degree in finance from schools in Britain, only sixty percent find jobs immediately and their average salary is only 3000-4000 yuan (about $500. USD). We pray for all Christians who have jobs that they will consider getting a less than desirable salary. May the Lord help them to find purpose and be thankful for their jobs, reminding them to be His witnesses at work and in their communities.
The average salary for those who return to China with a degree from a foreign university is about 3000-4000 yuan ($500. USD) Nearly sixty percent of them work at an entry staff level. As the economy slows in China, the prospect for employment for those who studied abroad dims. ​We remember those believers who have difficulty finding work for various reasons. May the Lord remind us all that He is faithful and will provide us with what we need and we are not to lose faith but trust Him even in times of frustration and waiting.

據英國大使館統計,以令人羨慕的金融專業為例,在英國拿到金融專業碩士的留學生回到中國後,平均第一次就業率只有60%,起薪在3000元到4000元(約500 美元)。我們來為自認沒找到理想工作的年輕肢體禱告,求主帮助他們找到生命真正的意義和價值,也能凡事感恩。更願意在他們的職場和社區裡,為主發光,有美好的見證。

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