Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Prayer Request 10/4 - 10/10

Many rural churches in China are without pastors and many more lack clear vision, direction, and planning. There are even more churches that think all they need is committed people and financial resources to be able to grow. We pray for those churches that are still “all talk but no action”. May the Lord revive them so they will have real spiritual growth rather than mere superficial spirituality.
Although the number of churches in China has increased rapidly, the number of pastors for those churches has not grown in proportion. Pastors are overworked with little time for their children, spouses, or even for God. Unfortunately, their families often do not appreciate their dedication to God. We pray for wisdom for all pastors so they will know how to balance church ministries with the needs of their families since we know that their family should be the best source of love and support for pastors.
In recent years there have been more pastors from China or their children going abroad for study than ever before. This has caused the pastors to be separated from their families and suffer from poor communication for long periods of time. Let us pray for the pastors of families that are separated from each other that they will have quality time together, intimacy, and improved communication when they do get together. Pray that above all God would protect them from the attack of the evil one
Public education in China is rooted in atheism and there are few opportunities for Christian education since very few churches offer kindergartens or preschools.Young Christian parents in China consider preschool education to be a necessity because they are afraid their children will “fall behind” in school. We pray these parents will know that God has entrusted their children to them and it is their responsibility to teach the children that Jesus loves them.
In the past decade, some believers in China began exploring the possibilities of church school or home schooling and the feasibility of a Christian-based education. We pray for wisdom for churches as they explore faith-based options as compared to the government educational system. We pray, too, that Christian parents will help their children who begin to question their faith in school.
Under the existing policy, church-sponsored schools are not recognized in China. The homeschooling option is still immature and lacks a good curriculum as well as official approval and recognition. We pray churches will be more diligent in providing a healthy Sunday school program which will help parents who are believers to know it is their responsibility to rear godly children.
Churches in China have recently been hosting all kinds of training classes such as those for volunteers, praise and worship, Sunday school teachers, and even on legal issues. We thank the Lord for all of those who have received training. May they be able to serve even more effectively in their church by using their spiritual gifts and their commitment. May the Lord use them to bless and revive the church.

許多中國農村的鄉鎮教會缺乏牧者帶領。教會基本上沒有異象、目標和事工計劃可言。絕大部分的教會,自認為教會只要有錢及委身的人就夠了! 求主幫助那些仍然停留在喊口號的教會,能踏實地組織策略性的、持久的工作,投身宣教服侍,不是只有表面屬靈,卻沒有實質的屬靈生氣。
近幾年來,傳道同工的子女出國留學或同工本人赴海外進修的越來越多,也形成家庭成員分隔各方的情況,容易出現溝通的隔閡。求主保守分隔的同工家庭,使他們能抓緊優質時間(quality time)作良好溝通,讓家庭成員願意多走一步,保持跟家人間親密互動,不給惡者留地步。
近十年,在中國教會中開始有人探討教會辦學或家庭學校(home school)的模式,以作為探索基督化教育出路的可行性。求主賜智慧給教會,能在中國教育政策下,為信徒下一代開拓接受基督化教育的新契機,尤其有智慧幫助因與學校傳授觀點不同而對信仰有懷疑的孩子們。

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