Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Prayer Request 10/25 - 10/31

Hong Kong's vibrant Christian community has long been a magnet for mainland Chinese visitors. Tens of thousands of people cross the border each year for Sunday school, seminars and mega church gatherings in this former British colony. Hong Kong enjoys greater freedoms, including religious liberties, than the mainland. We praise God for the vibrant churches, and their dedication to mission efforts not only to China, but the whole world.
In recent months, Chinese officials have barred mainland residents from attending some religious conferences in Hong Kong, increased oversight of mainland programs run by Hong Kong pastors, and issued warnings to outspoken leaders, causing some to reconsider their work in the mainland. We pray for the situation of increased restriction and monitoring of churches in Hong Kong. May the Lord give favor and protection to those who are involved.
Christianity is China's fastest-growing religion, with at least 67 million followers, many of whom worship in independent house churches or unofficial churches, often with the acquiescence of the government. We pray for the churches in China, especially at this time when the government seems to be tightening control at home and restricting interaction with churches abroad. May the Lord protect all who are under increased scrutiny by officials.
Chinese Communist Party has long associated Christianity with subversive Western values, and over the past year, officials have accelerated efforts to demolish churches, shutter Christian schools, and remove crosses from churches. We pray for comfort and strengthening of spirit for all the churches who have experienced demolition and closure. May the Lord give them wisdom and patience as they express their feeling of frustration and disappointment.
Chinese leaders have historically shown greater lenience toward Hong Kong, which is now home to about 850,000 Christians, 1,500 churches, a Christian newspaper and a Baptist university. Hong Kong Christian community is indeed unique and much blessed by the Lord. We pray that they will continue to be an example of love, unity and sending missionaries for all Chinese believers.
About sixty percent of Hong Kong's churches have ministries inside China such as theological training. But spreading the gospel in the mainland can be difficult. Hong Kong residents are often treated as foreigners, and they are not permitted to establish churches, hand out pamphlets, proselytize or preach.
China had promised to give Hong Kong freedom to be "one country, two systems", the term used to describe the relationship between China and Hong Kong. We do not know how long Beijing will keep her promise of giving Hong Kong special treatment. We pray for the future of churches there and their contribution and influence to all Cantonese-speaking churches worldwide.

香港大約60%的教會在內地有事工,神學培訓等。 香港居民常常被當作境外人士,不允許建教會、發放小冊子、傳教和佈道。我們為香港教會多年來支援中國教會感恩。願神記念他們為主擺上的愛心和努力,祝福所撒下的種子得到千百倍的收成。
中國雖然承諾香港享有自由權利,所謂的“一國兩制”- 用來形容中國與香港之間關係的一個短語。北京給香港特別待遇的承諾是否會繼續下去是個未知數。我們為香港教會的未來,以及他們的貢獻和在全球操粵語教會的影響力來禱告。

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