Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Prayer Request 10/07 - 10/13

TuesdayChina's president is genuinely popular among many Chinese. His anti-corruption drive is actually saving money for many people, such as getting a child into school or joining the army, because there used to be stiff fees involved which were​ in reality, bribes. Lately, the reputation of house churches has been tarnished because of false association with cults. We pray for all those who faithfully serve the Lord and believers must caution against false prophets and teachers… because many will follow them. ( 2 Peter 2:1-2)
​Despite the cynicism about how the Communist Party can effectively fight corruption​ among those sick of it, especially those struggling economically, the new leader is gaining support in his campaign to "strike against tigers and flies" (officials whether high or low). ​When leaders are unchallenged in their authority and finances are not handled transparently, there are bound to be abuses. We pray for the defeating of Satan's work and true repentance among the leaders as well as each one of us who are so often blinded by self-deceit and false humility.
Selling posts in the government or military is illegal but has been common for decades. It costs 30,000 yuan to join the army, if one has no connection. Getting into a highly desirable high school, parents must “donate” 20,000 in addition to the tuition and fees. ​Envy, strife, love of power and money, and corruption are equally common in both Three Self and house churches. We pray that believers will not be discouraged but that they (and us, too) will affix their eyes on Jesus, not on churches or people and that they will pursue His holiness passionately.​
​In the past one had to pay to get into privileged positions. Many officials at various levels of the government charged money outright for doing things they themselves were supposed to do but recently this audacious bribery​ has decreased greatly. ​Scandals of cults and extreme groups asking members for money have shaken the desire of many believers​ to give offerings. Pastors who have new things are quickly suspected of graft. We pray for restoration of trust in the leadership of the church and a revival among believers.
China has the world’s biggest diabetes epidemic and it is getting worse. 11.6 percent of Chinese adults have the disease, compared with 11.3 percent in America. In 1980 there were only 1% of the people in China who had diabetes. ​Let us remember the Christians who have this chronic illness. May the Lord grant them an extra measure of faith and joy knowing that God gives us peace beyond all understanding and that His grace is sufficient in times of disappointment and pain.
China has a third of the people in the world who have diabetes--114 million people. Perhaps even more alarming is that even more people are "pre-diabetic". Chinese people will commonly seeks herbal or traditional Chinese medicines before using Western medicine. We all need to give thanks for the good health God has given us. We pray for good health and strength for all believers, so they will be able to serve the Lord and God's people more.
Obesity is increasing rapidly in China. Experts blame many factors: the introduction of high-calorie Western diets and fast food, more travel by car, sedentary factory jobs replacing farm labor, and families who spoil the only child. ​We praise the Lord for the vast improvement of the standard of living in China. However, we need to pray for the spiritual poverty of many believers who have grown lukewarm in their faith or become busy making money. May the Lord give each of us a renewal of heart and a hunger for His word.

以往老百姓參軍,如果沒有「關係」,至少要花3萬塊。雖然出售政府或軍隊中的職位是違法的,但幾十年來,這種現像很普遍。孩子進中學,除了學費,要再「捐」2萬元人民幣,也是不成文的潛規矩。不少信徒對三自,對家庭教會內的不良氣象灰心,認為兩邊一般黑(嫉妒、紛爭、專權、貪財、腐化..等等)求主幫助我們知道「天下沒完美的教會」,關鍵是要自己追求聖潔 ,定睛在神而不是看人。
「過去,各樣變相的收費捐款,其實就是明目張膽的要求賄賂,還有各層的貪官太多了,他們本來就該做的事情,但是都要求交錢才辦。這樣的情況近來少多了。」 邪教中多發生貪汙錢財的醜聞,但是卻動搖許多信徒對教會奉獻的認知。信徒對擁有新的東西或房產的傳道人,也產生懷疑。 求主再次建立教會中彼此的信任,特別是對領袖們的信心,也求真理的靈來做潔淨、復興的工作。
中國的糖尿病患病率已躍居世界首位,且還在惡化中。1980年,中國的糖尿病率還不到1%。如今中國糖尿病患病率是11.6%,剛超過了美國的11.3% 。我們在禱告中要記念有各樣慢性病的信徒,求主加添他們的信心和喜樂。讓我們深深知道神賜下出乎意料的平安,祂的恩典是我們患難中隨時的幫助。
肥胖問題正在迅速加劇,因素往往歸咎於:一是引入高熱量的西方飲食和快餐;二是人們駕車代步;三是久坐不動的工廠工作代替了農場里的勞動;最後是 長輩對獨生子女嬌生慣養。我們為中國百姓擁有富裕生活感恩,然而也要反省信徒忙著賺錢,屬靈方面的貧窮及不冷不熱這些不合神心意的事實。我們切切禱告祈求主復興我們,更多渴慕祂的話語,更有追求成長的心志。

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