Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayer Request 9/17 - 9/23

As the Moon Festival nears, officials nationwide in China have been warned not to spend public money on gifts such as luxury mooncakes--those made with expensive ingredients and premium packaging--as a part of a campaign against corruption. aThe Moon Festival is a big Chinese holiday which emphasizes the reunion of family members. We pray for churches planning to use this time as an opportunity for outreach, that the Lord will bless them with a good harvest.
Some of the key factors that draw young people in China to seek faith in God are: a distrust of society, being the only child, a highly competitive job market, the bombardment of information, and broken homes. We give thanks to God for His miracle of drawing young people into the urban churches during the past decade. We pray that many more churches will catch the vision and burden of reaching college students outside of the church and care for the young people in the church by listening to them.
College students in China usually do not discuss issues of liberty or politics in church on Sunday since they know these are sensitive matters. However, when they gather in small fellowship groups, they are more chatty and open. We pray for spiritual maturity for the leaders of all the fellowship (small) groups that college students attend. May God empower them to be shining examples of faith, speech, and service for Jesus. May the Lord give them safety and unity.
To avoid drawing unnecessary attention of the officials, college students refer to their fellowship as "We are gathering to sing to our dad”. Dad is the term for Heavenly Father. Prayer meeting is called “eating time” instead. We praise God for all the new college converts who are very fervent and willing to participate many meetings. We pray they will grow more in faith and deeper in truth. May the Lord protect them in dating and have victory in keeping their bodies pure sexually.
In China there are many students from South Korea so the college student fellowships and Bible studies are quite international in flavor. Many Christian coffee shops play praise songs and provide students with the necessary space for Bible studies. Let us pray for every Christian coffee shop and bookstore in China which is universally a business which loses money yet badly needs workers who share a vision and burden to reach students. We ask for good fruit with many young people coming to know Jesus through these establishments and ministries.
Some of the students fellowships at the Peking University pray in English since many are from the United States. Many Chinese and Asian expatriates join them since all are highly educated. Many missionaries travel deep into China, even in Xinjiang region. We pray for each university or college Bible Fellowship study. May the Lord keep them safe and add to the number of those who are saved, especially the teachers. May God bless those who boldly share the gospel with the students.
Some farmers in China have given up their land but when they are old want to return home. However, they have no more farms to tend, so they have no income. Most are excluded from national pension plans and are a burden to their relatives. The biggest need in the rural churches is for teachers and people who will care for others. There is much discrimination against farmers by city folks. We pray that urban Christians will remember to pray for rural believers and for revival of rural churches.

不信任的社會、一胎化的獨生子女、強大的市場競爭、過度的訊息量、離異的家庭等……都是促成這一代年輕人對信仰的渴望的因素。年輕人信主加入城市教會,是神近年在中國的作為。 我們為此感恩,求主賜給更多教會有向大學生傳福音的負擔,也願意關心年輕一代在教會中的感受與聆聽他們的想法。
基督徒多半很少在主日聚會時談論社會和公共議題,但在小組團契這種半封閉的情況下,通常比較敞開, 才會聊起各式的話題。 我們為小組聚會代禱,求主加添帶領者的靈命,使他們的信心,言行,事奉心志都能成為榜樣。 也求主保守聚會的安全和弟兄姐妹的和睦。
在北京大學的團契有許多外籍學生, 因此有英文聚會,有從美國來的華人和許多亞裔外籍人士加入,他們年輕、高學歷。外國傳道人穿梭在沿海甚至遠方如新疆的校園團契。我們為每個大學專科院校周圍的團契查經班禱告。願主保守他們的安全,求主加添給他們得救的人數,特別求神祝福那些大膽向學生們分享福音的老師們。
一些已經放棄了土地想在年老時回到家鄉,但是他們在家鄉沒有田地,因此也很難有收入。大部分人依然不在國家養老金計劃的範圍之內,這為他們的親戚帶來了給他們養老的壓力。農村教會的需要很大,尤其是牧養和聖經教導方面。我們為城市信徒關心農村的教會來禱告。 來自農村的人在城市容易受到歧視, 願身處城市的信徒能為農村教會守望代禱。

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