Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Prayer Request 9/3 - 9/9

Recent demonstrations in Hong Kong have drawn public attention to whether China will send in the Armed Police to intervene. An Armed Police is an active-duty soldier, usually responsible for tasks such as duty, handling emergencies, counter-terrorism, and supporting the national economic construction. Hong Kong is facing an unprecedented dark time, casting some into hopelessness, and many into fear and even despair. We need to pray, asking the Lord to grant comfort and restore confidence. We know He is on His throne and in control. 
The Armed Police is different from the police in China. The former operates and functions like the People's Liberation Army (PLA), while the latter belongs to the governmental agencies. Armed police do not belong to the PLA, except in wartime. Believers are to pray for those in power (1 Tim 1: 1–3). In these days of turmoil and unrest, almost everyone has different views and taking sides, and we pray specifically for mutual trust between believers and their relatives and friends. 
China's People's Liberation Army is responsible mainly for operations outside of the national boundaries. The Armed Police is responsible for domestic stability. The deployment of Armed Police near Hong Kong has significance as China resolutely portrays this is an internal matter. There are varying and even opposing views of the demonstration within churches in Hong Kong. We pray for peace and unity for both the society and churches, allowing believers to be encouraging toward one another and preserving the good testimony of the church because of its unity. 
China is planning to send millions of youth “volunteers” back to villages, raising fears of a return to the methods of Chairman Mao’s brutal Cultural Revolution of 50 years ago.Let us pray for young people from Christian families, that the Lord will help them to be like Daniel and his three friends whose faith in God did not waiver but they kept themselves pure and refused to compromise, even under great restriction and pressure.
The Communist Youth League (CYL) has promised to dispatch more than a million students to "rural zones" by 2022 in order to "increase their skills, spread civilization and promote science and technology". We pray churches and Christian parents alike in China will wake up to the great task of making sure the young people do not simply grow up in the church but must have a solid foundation of faith and will not drift away from God easily.
The Youth League of China serves an important function to recruit and indoctrinate young people with Communist ideology. The aim of sending a massive number of students to the countryside is also to encourage the talents of those who would otherwise be attracted to live in the big cities. Unfortunately, Chinese parents and churches mostly stress that their young people do well in school and in their careers. Christian parents frown upon and even discourage their children to serve the Lord. May the Lord have mercy on us all and help us to know our children belong to Him.
Students in China will be called upon to live in the countryside during their summer holidays, although the CYL did not say how young people would be persuaded to volunteer. The vast majority of churches in China have few youth or children at all. We pray that believer parents will wake up to the sacred task of raising children who will know God, love Him and be willing to serve the Lord.

近來香港的示威活動越演越烈,民眾開始關注中國武警是否會介入。中國武警部隊是現役軍人,平時主要擔負執勤、處置突發事件、反恐怖、參加和支援國家經濟建設等任務。面對香港現今政局,有些人感到恐懼、無望、甚至絕望;神的兒女應當要更多擺上禱告,因唯有禱告神深信上主坐著為王,掌管一切, 才能帶给世人真正的平安,讓人們得著安慰和恢復信心。
武警和公安不同,前者與解放軍一樣完全實行軍事化管理,後者則屬於機關事業編制。但武警不屬於解放軍,只有在戰時人力不足時,才有可能被編入解放軍。信徒要為在上的掌權者禱告 (提前1:1-3)。求主在這紛爭擾亂的日子中,能夠讓教會肢體及親人朋友之間可以互信互諒,不要因政治立場或意見不同而產生嫌隙甚至仇恨,留有破口給魔鬼機會攻擊教會。
共青團的一個重要職能是招募學生和灌輸共產主義。將大量學生送往農村的目的,也是為了鼓勵那些本來會被大城市生活所吸引的人才,留駐在鄉村服務。中國信徒家長和教會通常只強調年輕人要在學業和事業上有成就,卻往往忽略對信仰的追求。 基督徒父母甚至阻擋孩子服侍神。求主赦免我們,扭轉我們的眼目,認清孩子是屬於神的,主會帶領他們的人生。

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