Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Prayer Request 9/10 - 9/16

The Chinese government has implemented new policies to help women to continue working, to enable women to be financially independent, maximize their strengths, abilities, and self-worth. We pray for strength and endurance for Christian families with new-born children who are gifts from God. May the Lord bless them with good health and help the new parents to understand the love of our Heavenly Father and His graciousness as their parents assist in the care of their new grandkids.
China is also giving priorities to promote career guidance for young women, strengthening the judicial processes in discrimination cases, developing infant and childcare services, and increasing support for post-partum employees returning to work. Women play important roles and shoulder many responsibilities in Chinese churches, specifically all the cooking duties. We give thanks to God and pray for strength and impact as they bless their churches.
Since the 1990's, the percentage of women in the labor force has steadily declined, from 73 percent to 60 percent in 2018. Another major concern is China's declining birthrate, a result in part of decades of a “one-child” policy. China has tried to ease existing birth restrictions. Generally, Chinese grandparents will help in the raising of their grandchildren. We pray that young Christian parents and grandparents will teach the little ones to know Jesus, and will read Bible stories and pray with them, building a good foundation of faith from a young age.
In China, efforts to encourage more births have faltered as young couples struggle with growing economic pressures and educated women delay childbirth to pursue careers. Experts say, addressing gender discrimination in the workplace can help to reverse that trend. Many young Christian parents expect their parents to help with raising their children, so they can have a normal life or pursue careers. May the Lord correct our false ideas, give us the desire to treasure the heritage from God, and bless us with generations who all love the Lord.
The medical system in China is layered with distributors or vendors, who are ripe for financial abuses and create the possibility to harbor slush funds or falsify documents and funnel bribes. We pray that Christians in China will be known as people of integrity, and churches will live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. Local churches can be more influential than individuals and families. We pray for faith and mercy for all who are under restrictions and great pressure.
Foreign companies say hospitals often force them to sell through a series of middlemen, where much of the bribery takes place. They said they comply with Chinese and international laws and terminate employees and contractors who are directly involved in bribery. Chinese are often ambivalent about corruption and bribery, Christians included. We pray that none of us will rob God, but give in offering with gladness and faith, knowing "the more we give, the more we receive."
In China, one or more layers of middlemen often work with hospital directors to set prices that include bribes and kickbacks. When a third-party distributor is involved, prices will always be 50 percent higher or even doubled. When there is so much corruption and injustice around us, should Christians pray even harder? We ask the Lord to move more people to pray fervently and with greater faith for China.


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