Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Prayer Request 2/6 - 2/12

There are plenty of dating shows on TV in China. One of the most memorable and provocative statements from these shows is "I'd rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle." Young believers in China face tremendous temptations in a society that sees nothingwrong with premarital sex and cohabitation. We pray that they will know the Biblical reasons to keep themselves pure for God and for the one whom the Lord has prepared for them.
"Chinese Dating" is a very popular television show which spins a new twist by giving parents of contestants power over their children's choices, a power that reflects Chinese society today. Many young believers come from non-believing families and their parents have different sets of values and priority for marriage. We pray for young single believers that they would seek God's will and patiently await God's provision in finding a mate who shares the same faith.
In popular TV dating shows in China, parents have a lot of input into the selection of a potential mate by the contestants. The outspoken blunt opinions and demands contribute to the appeal of the show. Chinese parents have enormous influence in the marriage of their children. We pray for parents who are believers and have children of marriageable age, that the Lord will give them wisdom and a good relationship so they will be able to remind their children to honor and trust that God will provide the very best for them.
Although arranged marriages in which family elders hired matchmakers to find spouses for their children, were banned by the Republican government in the 1930's, a weekly dating show has again evoked this tradition in China. It is a beautiful ministry that a mature and godly person can introduce and match young believers even though they are from different churches. We pray for more fellowship of young Christians from different churches and also via social media.
Chinese millennials are often portrayed as the excessively indulged and protected products of the one-child family policy. It seems that they are yielding to their parents who are ready to provide them with everything, even a spouse. Parents will do anything for their only child and even spoiling them. We pray that Christian parents will instead, teach their children to fear God, help them to form spiritual habits and learn to serve God from a small age.
In China, parents of eligible young men concern most about the financial strength of their sons. While parents of girls must be content with whether their daughters are young, pretty and innocent looking. One reason Chinese parents had so much say over their child's marriage was that many of the parents were paying for it. We must give thanks because children are an inheritance from the Lord. We pray that believers will know God has entrusted children to them and will continue to remind them to walk closely with Jesus, even after they have grown up and have formed their own family.
Many young people in China cannot afford to marry without the help of their parents. Later on they will still need their parent's help to care for their children. Parents in China really give too much protection and support to their only child which has given rise to a generation that has never really grown up. We pray that young Christian parents will teach their children to fear God and that those who are grandparents will continue to exert a godly influence by taking their grandchildren to church, praying with them, and sharing Bible stories with them.

若有適婚的兒子,中國家長最關心是孩子的經濟實力。若有女兒,就以其年輕、漂亮和單純為談婚論嫁的本錢。父母之所以能左右子女的婚姻,其中一大原因就是為孩子的婚姻開支買單。子女是神所賜的產業。 我們為信徒明白神託付我們來管理孩子來禱告,神的美意是要父母為神教養出敬虔的後代,就是到老也不偏離,有蒙福的一生。

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