Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Prayer Request 1/9 - 1/15

Those who return to China with a foreign education usually struggle to find a decent job, often with no premium and real benefit for their foreign education. We pray for those returnee who are new converts, not to complain and giving up God because of their inability to find jobs, but rather to have stronger faith, knowing God will lead them and they should trust Him wholeheartedly.
To those who went abroad to study, returning home is seen as a failure on their parts. Their parents have also lost the opportunity to emigrate abroad. The job prospects in China is worse than abroad. It is common for the converts to feel God has not listened to their prayers to allow them staying abroad. We pray for those who started to doubt their faith and God. May the Lord comfort them so they will know, “all things work together for those who love the Lord”.
Chinese students studying abroad are the only-child at home, as they return to China. Their parents anxiously want to “recoup investment” and have them start making big money, get married and produce grandchildren . Even the young converts cannot escape this expectation and pressure. We pray young converts will stand the pressure of their parents as parents trying to re-insert their control and influence over them. Above all, we pray that they will know God's plan in their lives and love Jesus above all things.
It generally takes time for returnees to find their places again and fit back in a country that is undergoing rapid economic and social changes. And because churches in China operate under a controlling and suspicious atheist state, it is difficult to find churches that provide a welcoming and intimate environment. We pray for Christians who will reach out to these young returnees with love and acceptance, able to encourage these new Christians from abroad to continue growing in Christ.
In 2016, more than half a million Chinese students studied abroad. After graduation, many return home by choice, while others are unable to find jobs and work visas. From 2012 to 2014, nearly 1 million students returned to China, exceeding the number of returned students from the previous 30 years combined. The large number of returnees will definitely change China and churches there. We pray that God will use the Christian returnees to change and bless churches in special ways.
Returning Christians from abroad are new believers and need lots of nurturing. Many of them stop attending churches or no longer practice their faith. We pray for continuing spiritual growth and strengthening of their faith for all young returnees.The Lord sustains them so they can thrive under the great pressure and temptations of China's city living.
There are many English speaking congregations who meet on Sunday in larger cities in China. Although, they are mostly attended by foreigners and expats, but one can find believers from all nations and all walks of lives. We pray for these special churches attended by foreigners and expat in China, the Lord give them much opportunities to share the gospel with people they work with or in their business.

海外留學生多屬 "獨一代" 。家長對其獨生子女的期望,就是努力賺錢,然後是結婚生子,生孫子陪伴祖父母,似乎一生軌道都已安排妥了。在國外信了耶穌的年輕人,也得面對如何滿足父母為他們預備的人生計劃。求主幫助年輕信徒真能明白神在他們生命中的美好計劃,叫他們能愛主遠超過一切,也能回應神的呼召。
2016年,中國出國留學人員總數為54.45萬人。除了自己選擇外,由於畢業後在海外找工作及簽證更困難,從2012到2014年,兩年間有一百萬學生回國就業,這是過去30 年回國的總數。近來國內的發展環境和機遇很被看好,也是「海歸潮」興起的重要因素。海歸潮必定對中國社會和教會有極大的影響。求主藉著在國外信主的信徒們能成為國內教會改變的動力和祝福。

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