Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Prayer Request 1/2 - 1/8

For young Chinese who became Christians while study abroad, their families can be an obstacle to their new faith. Many female converts hope to find someone who is also Christian, but their parents often prohibit it and question “Why making it harder by only looking for Christians to marry?” We give thanks to God for all the new converts. The Lord bless and keep them, give them joy and courage, and allow their transformed lives to be a powerful testimony to their parents.
When parents in China discover their children become Christian abroad, despite their initial surprise, they seem to accept their children’s newfound faith, more from an utilitarian atheist perspective. They believe If their children’s faith causes them to live a healthier lifestyle and give them some supernatural blessing, so be it. It is indeed very difficult to share Jesus with parents. We pray for young believers able to share their testimonies and the reason why they believe Jesus, and also because of their transformed lives, improved relationship at home and humility.
Parents often warn the returnee converts against “wallowing” in their new faith, like the teenagers addicted to online gaming and forget about studying and examinations. To many Chinese parents, both religion and video games are simply distractions to their children pursuits of higher goals. We pray the young converts will love the Lord, knowing Jesus Christ as the Master of their lives. God will give them wisdom and strength, so they know what it means “those who love their parents more than I is not worthy of being my disciples”.
As the numbers of the returnee from abroad increase, competition for jobs is fierce and many with advanced degrees could not find work in China. When disappointment is compounded with frustration, new converts whose faith was not deep-rooted often waiver and drift away. We pray that churches abroad will do a better job for the new converts, especially those who are going back to China, teach them how to cope with setbacks, how to share Jesus with friends and their own parents. New Christians returning to China need better spiritual preparation.
This generation of young Chinese are the product of one-child policy, they are the only child and enjoy the total financial support from their parents. Their parents are willing to provide all of their financial needs, this means children and parents are financially inseparable. We pray for spiritual maturity and good testimony for all the young believers in China, so they will have the courage to share Jesus Christ with their parents.
In China, there is a prevailing low awareness of Christianity, rather than intolerance. For a female converted returnee, she might wear a cross necklace to give a hint of her faith. But they would be hesitant in praying in public while having a meal colleagues. Many Christians in China will not reveal their Christian faith unless they are asked, especially at workplace. We pray for boldness and wisdom in sharing with friends and relatives, the reasons why we believe in Jesus.
Chinese culture itself also cause new converts to waiver in their faith when they return home. At workplaces, co-workers will likely to ridicule their Christian faith. Both the pop culture and traditional Chinese culture tend to reject Christian faith which is considered foreign and a religion of the older people. Chinese Christians tend to be low-key about their faith at work to avoid any bias. We pray that believers will have the sweet smell of Jesus Christ because of their good performance and interpersonal relationship.


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