Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Prayer Request 8/9 - 8/15

There are only twenty-one seminaries with college level studies that are openly operated in China and their graduates all combined cannot meet the needs of the tens of millions of believers found there.We pray for the leaders of the churches in China that they will see the importance of training more workers to effectively shepherd and lead their churches.​
It is important that China produce new leaders who are able to minister in a scholarly way, possess management​ ​skills, have social responsibility, and a sense of mission. We know God is able to raise up workers who seek His own heart and we pray that churches will humble themselves in supporting their pastors.​
Heresies and false teachings are two of the grave dangers present in the church in China. O​ne causes believers to be drawn away from the truth and potentially lose their salvation while the other causes the destruction of churches. May the Lord raise up preachers who can speak His word boldly and accurately and who can teach others how to discern the truth. May He protect all gifted and charismatic preachers so they do not fall into temptation.
Another key reason for the rash of cults in China is surprisingly the lack of de​nomination. After the Communist take-over, mainland China broke all ties with churches overseas and cut off contact between the church and orthodox Christian traditions. Believers in China pride themselves on being "post-denominational" and often look down on others who do not share their Biblical view. We pray for humility for all believers and unity among all churches based on God's love.
Once a church deviates from orthodox doctrine and loses the checks and balance mechanism, splits and extreme teaching tend to take over. Many cults take on terminologies and features of traditional Chinese religions. ​Although mature Christians find many of the claims cults make ridiculous. many naïve people believe them. We pray especially for the many rural believers who have little education and cannot read the Bible for themselves.
All of the heresies and cults in China have their roots in Henan province. Some suggest that the​ churches in Henan have sent out many preachers to plant churches but many of these workers lack solid theological training and instead they lead their sheep astray. We pray for solid Bible training for all of the pastors in China and a willingness to learn as well as humility for those who are being trained now.
Cults and heresies are widespread in China and that ​has something to do with the policy of the government. The persecution of people in the house churches has forced them to worship secretly and allowed them to be a breeding ground for extremism and unorthodox teachings. Officials in charge of religious matters often cannot tell whether a teaching is Biblical or not and many good churches are mistaken for cults. We pray for those people in the faithful house churches who face wrongful persecution.​

若教會缺少教義和自省,就容易分裂和偏差,且失去對抗異端的能力,造成種種基督信仰和傳統民間宗教結合的奇怪東西。 雖然成熟的基督徒對異端邪教的荒謬覺得可笑,但是很多天真的人卻篤信不疑。我們為農村教育程度不高的信徒信徒禱告,不被欺騙。

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