Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Prayer Request 8/16 - 8/22

Taiwan has a large gay community and is one of the most progressive places in Asia in terms of LGBT rights. Many have expected Taiwan to be the first Asian country​ to sanction same-sex marriage. We pray for God’s mercy for all who practice a​ homosexual lifestyle. May the Lord convict all of us that we are all sinners saved by His grace. “As it is written: "There is none righteous, no not one;” Rom 3:10 (MKJV)
The island of Taiwan's annual gay pride parade is the biggest in Asia. Taiwan is also considered the most gay-friendly country in Asia.​ ​We pray for all Chinese churches that they will not only teach Biblical truth and speak against all kinds of sin but will put these teachings into action in their communities.
Homosexuality is still controversial with people in the older generation and gay marriage is opposed by politically influential, socially conservative, and Christian groups so many LGBT people won't "come out" to their parents or employers. We pray for young people from Christian families who are in a homosexual relationship or any other​ relationship that is not pleasing to God. We pray that the Holy Spirit will convict them and bring about repentance.
A poll in 2013 showed that 75% of Christians opposed legalization of same-sex marriage while only a slight majority of Buddhists, Taoists, and the greater portion of the public were in favor of it. LGBT supporters accuse Christians of hating them. We pray that believers will speak the truth in love and above all clearly proclaim "We do not hate you. We love you because Jesus loves all of us."
LGBT groups advance their causes in a well-organized and determined fashion​ but in contrast, the majority of the churches in China still do not even mention the topic of sex in the church and choose not to speak of any political issues in the pulpit. We pray the Lord will awake every sleeping church that is content with isolating itself within the four walls of its church building. May the Lord help each Christian to be a light in a dark world.
Chengdu and Chongqing in Sichuan province are known as China's most gay-friendly cities. Other cities with many migrants are more diverse culturally and the attitude of locals toward gays is usually "none of my business". ​A vast majority of churches in China avoid talking ​about sex or related topics, considering it unspiritual. We pray that churches will teach clearly and boldly in every area of the lives of people so believers will know what God's will is for their lives and bodies.
Gays in Mainland China face great pressure. Once parents discover their children are gay, many chose to disown them. Many gay men in China choose to conform to ​the social norm of marriage and start a family. ​We pray for believers when their children stray away from God and live in sinful relationships. May the​ Lord grant them His unconditional love to accept and love their prodigal children and never give up praying for them come to God.

台灣擁有亞洲最大的同志社群,也是亞洲最先爭取LGBT(Lesbians女同性戀)權益的地方。許多人認為台灣很有可能最早通過同性婚姻合法化。我們為同性戀者禱告,求恩主憐憫他們。又求主提醒我們都只是蒙恩的罪人,並不比任何人優越,「就如經上所記:沒有義人,連一個也沒有。」(羅 3:10)
根據2013年一項民意調查顯示,75%的台灣基督徒反對同性婚姻合法化,但半數以上的佛教徒和道教徒,以及大多數老百姓卻贊成。求主幫助信徒能持守真道、也有愛心,能正面地回答:「 教會的立場是恨惡同性戀的罪,愛同性戀者,甚願幫助同性戀者認識真神。」
中國的同性戀者面對很大壓力,很多家長發現自己的孩子是同性戀後,選擇的是將其「掃出家門」。許多同志還是會選擇「回歸主流」— 與異性結婚,建立家庭。我們為信徒父母禱告,當他們知道子女得罪神,有不討神喜悅的行為時,願主親自安慰他們的心,並賜他們力量,用主的愛和智慧來輔導孩子,幫助他們脫離黑暗。

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