Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Prayer Request 6/30 - 7/6

TuesdayAlthough many churches in China are beginning to teach the subject of Biblical marriage and how to build a godly family, divorce is now more common among believers and even church leaders than in the past. We pray that believers will honor the Lord with their families and avoid any stumbling in their marriages. We also pray that churches will redouble their efforts to preach God's word on how to glorify Him in marriage and family.
In China, about one in thirteen people suffers from mental illness. More and more high school students and even children are being diagnosed with varying degrees of mental disorders. Churches there do not have resources to help believers with family members who are mentally ill. We pray for love, compassion, and a willingness to help all believers with mental illness rather than ignoring them or being judgmental toward them.
Severe depression is common in the villages in China. Serious mental illness and alcohol abuse are more common in the villages than in the cities.Churches are having more and more members with mental illness but the pastors are not equipped to counsel or help them. We pray for more resources and training for pastors so they can provide practical help to those afflicted.
The cost of living is rising rapidly in China and operating expenses for churches have increased significantly as well. Pastors and church workers face the rising costs of living expenses and transportation to do their daily visitation. We pray for increased giving by believers as their churches face increased costs of ministry and that they will generously support their pastors and church workers. We pray, too, for God's provision and faith to trust God for the impoverished pastors.
Due to inflation, in China some churches are unable to provide money for living expenses for full-time workers. To keep healthy, some co-workers have to go out and earn money to be able to feed their families. Many pastors consider themselves as "tentative" workers but their hearts are full of guilt. Pray that that there will be full-time workers who are able to serve and not have to worry about family economic problems and their children's education.
As the cost of living soars in China,more and more financially poor churches are not able to support a full-time pastor. Many pastors are forced to take a side job in order to provide for their families. Many pastors feel guilty and defeated because they can serve the church only part time. We pray for all of those pastors still serving their churches full time. May the Lord relieve their financial worries and provide for their families as well as the educational expenses of their children.
Many new Christians in China do not know that traditional ancestor worship is not Biblical. For example, believers should not kneel and worship after the passing of parents and on special days of remembrance of their ancestors.May the Lord strengthen us to hold on to the principles of our faith and gain favor with our unbelieving relatives. May we be God's witnesses in our families.


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