Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prayer Request 10/29 - 11/4

As China undergo rapid economic development, a new and divisive character has emerged: the wealthy young scion. Children who come from money in China, colloquially called fu'erdai, they are often associated with many negative stereotypes. It is very difficult for children from Christian families to retain their faith, because of the atheistic education and influence. We ask for the following for all Christian parents: wisdom, perseverance, teaching the Bible starting when children are small and never give up praying for them.
Fu'erdai literally translates to "rich second generation" and are generally either guan'erdai, meaning "government official second generation;" xing'erdai, meaning "super-star second generation;" or hong'erdai, children whose families have strong roots in the Communist Party. It is truly sad to see so many Christian youth drift away and never to seen again in church. So few churches have children ministries, parents even discourage their kids going to church in order to study. We pray for the spiritual life and salvation of all the youth. We pray many will quickly stand in this tragic gap.
Unlike Chinese parents outside of China, the priority for parents in China isn’t professional standing (medical doctors or lawyers) or public achievement, but money and security, regardless of what the job involves. Christian parents also expect their kids to have a good job, and to take care of them when they are old. We thank the Lord for all parents who encourage their children to serve the Lord; we too praise the Lord and ask for blessing for the parents of all church workers.
Chinese parents pour money into their children’s education, but they also spend on short cuts. It is not uncommon for mothers bribe teachers to sit children at the front of the class, so that their child wouldn’t be lost among the other fifty or sixty students. Christian parents worry just as much their children will somehow lose out teachers’ favor. We pray for the parents so they will have great faith in God, knowing if they teach children to love God first, God will certainly take care of their children.
In the Chinese tradition, the most attractive prospect is an official job. Although the salaries are low on paper, but even an unimportant job in the extended hierarchies of officialdom comes with guaranteed benefits and security for life, known as the ‘iron rice bowl.’ Let us pray for believers who work for the government, so they will be shining light in their workplaces. The Lord give them good relationship with people, and they are willing to serve brothers and sisters in church, with humility and dedication.
A mid level position is a license for extortion and string-pulling. Jobs in one of the giant state-owned enterprises, such as the oil behemoth Sinopec or the ‘big four’ banks, are the next best thing. It is understandable that many Christians are hesitant to reveal their faith at work, especially in the government office setting. We want to pray that Christians will be a great witness for Jesus, as they work with their bosses, coworkers and customers, may the sweet fragrance of Jesus be ever present in their lives.
Having a state-backed jobs means to be a tizhinei, “inside the system,”, the job comes with all the attendant perks of generous expense accounts, strong social security, and, at the right level, regular pay-offs. In order to be “inside the system” often require joining the Communist Party and not to reveal one’s faith. Again, we pray for strong witness in every believer, so they will be cunning as snakes and gentle as doves.

中國經濟快速的發展,產生了一個嶄新及具有分裂性的的人物,就是富人家族的年輕一代,俗稱富二代,他們往往給人許多負面的刻板印象。 在中國,基督徒第二代的信仰確實是很難持守,因為孩子從小就是接受無神論的教育及灌輸。我們為信徒家長求智慧,恆久的耐心,從小就教導孩子聖經,也不住的為子女禱告。
富二代中有大多數是是官二代,意思是父母親是高官,或者是星二代”-明星們的孩子,或者是紅二代”- 家裡與共產黨有深厚的淵源。教會第二代的流失實在太嚴重,是很可惜的現象。有太多教會沒有孩童事工,信徒家長甚至為了子女課業不鼓勵孩來聚會。我們為年輕一代的靈命和救恩向神祈求,願主賜給教會與信徒能看見破口的存在,趕快即時挽回流失的小羊。
中國父母樂意投資孩子的教育,他們也常常花錢走後門,包紅包給老師,讓孩子多有老師的關注,譬如讓孩子能在五、六十人的課堂裡坐在前頭。 信徒家長同樣地處處為兒女著想,唯恐孩子輸給人家,得不到師長的關照。求主賜給我們多有信心,相信當我們教導孩子,在每一件事上先求神的國和祂的義,上帝必定會按著祂信實的應許,供應他們一切的需要。
在公家機關裡,一個中等水平的職員就如同個小皇帝,能賺許多外快紅包,能拉關係擺平事情,尤其是那些在大型國有企業,如石化,或是四大銀行之一的職位。在中國職場,尤其是國有企業裡,許多信徒不願意公開自己的信仰 。我們禱告,每位信徒與上司,同事,和顧客相處時,都能靠主活出他們待人處事與眾不同的品格,跟隨基督耶穌。
「體制內」泛指公務員、國企編制內員工能依靠國有資產獲得各樣好處的群體, 這樣的一群人有公家的錢交際,退休保障,還有每年必有的獎金。要成為「體制內」的一員,多半要求入黨,而且不能有宗教信仰等迷信。我們為每位信徒在職場,在生意場合,都能有美好見證來禱告,求主幫助他們能靈巧像蛇,馴良像鴿子,堅定持守神真理美善的教導,勇敢為主而活。

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