Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Prayer Requer 3/1 - 3/7

China agrees to eliminate all cigarette advertising in 5 years and impose strong warning message on packaging. Among the top 100 Chinese companies, 35 are tobacco related and is the number one contributor to tax revenue. One in 3 Chinese is a smoker. Smoking-cessation program is nearly unheard of and offering cigarettes is a social norm. Let us pray for the millions of believers and even church leaders who struggle with this addiction..

600,000 Chinese tourists will visit Paris this year, a 50% increase. Average Chinese tourist spends 6900 yuan (850USD), more than the American, a close second behind the typical Japanese tourist. During the Spring Festival, 10% more tourists and tourists-related spending are seen domestically. Let us pray that prosperity will not bloat the spiritual hunger and close the window of evangelism. We too pray for fruits for ministries passing out tracts to Chinese tourists abroad .

The government in a move to “create a safer environment for young people” shut down 12,575 illegal Internet bars, 2,861 dance clubs, and 3,434 video halls in 2004. Recently, rounds of prosecution had cleaned up much on-line pornography. Among the ninety-four million Internet users, twenty million are gamers. Sadly, there is really no strategy to reach these mostly young and educated Internet users for Christ. Let us pray for more Christian Chinese content to be available on the Internet. .

Before 1998 blood used in hospitals was bought instead of donated which led to rampant blood sales and infectious diseases. Blood sales are still common in large cities like Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing, but the government says this will stop in three years. Jesus gave His blood on the cross for all of us. We pray that all those who are ill and require blood transfusions will know the power of His cleansing blood in their lives. We also remember the millions with HIV and their families and pray that someone will share Jesus with them..

The European Tour will be played in Hainan this March. The sponsor believes that “Golf can change its image there from a rich man’s sport to a sport that all Chinese people can play.” Hainan on its southernmost tips has become the “Hawaii” of China overflowing with both vacationers and prostitutes. It is also the home in Asia of many overseas Chinese. Let us pray for the believers, churches, and ministries of these returning Christians on this big island..

Before 1949 there were many hospitals in China run by churches but now only a handful remain. Lingqu hospital in Shangdong is run by an all-Christian staff and charges only 700 RMB (90USD) for cataract surgery. There are Christian hospitals all over Taiwan. Many of them are modern and have strong Christian chaplain departments that share the love of God with patients and their families. Let us remember all the fruit that these ministries bear.

In terms of female suicide, China ranks an infamous second in the world with 14 suicides per 100,000 (behind Sri Lanka). There are few programs for prevention of suicide or even crisis intervention in the cities and they are practically non-existent in rural areas. Wide availability of insecticides contributes to the high death rate. Unfortunately the village churches and even believers do not have the resources for suicide prevention. Let us pray not only for a reverse of the suicide trend among village women but that the church feels its call to help remedy this ill..


浪漫與時尚之都 - 巴黎,有越來越多的中國遊客的身影。今年估計至少將有60萬中國人至巴黎旅遊,平均每位遊客在法國的消費約人民幣6,900元,已超過美國人,僅次於日本人排在第二位。我們盼望國人富裕後,舒適的生活不致取代心底真正的需要,成為福音傳遞的纏纍.也為在世界各地向中國觀光客發單張傳福音的事工代導,願神藉這樣的事奉,讓更多人歸向祂.


雖然國內血液主要的來源仍來自賣血者,但政府表示 “無償獻血”的形式將在三年內普及至全國各大醫院.1998年前,社會上沒有“無償獻血”的觀念,賣血者便成為主要的血液供給來源,但血液品質參差不齊,為許多傳染病的溫床.讓我們為需要輸血治病的同胞來禱告,祈求他們有一天也能得到主耶穌永生的寶血.也為國內無數的愛滋病患及其家庭代禱,願神興起有負擔的肢體能將永生的盼望傳給們.

一場舉世矚目的國際體育盛事 - 歐洲職業高爾夫巡迴賽將於三月初在海南島登場.



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