Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Prayer Request 5/14 - 5/20

Revolutionary language is ubiquitous among normal Chinese people. Economic sectors like industry and agriculture are referred to as “battlefronts.” (Most workplaces, in fact, are called “fronts.”) Continuing to work while sick is likened to “the wounded not leaving the front line.” Decades of revolutionary languages and the poison of the Cultural Revolution have left a definite attitude and tendency for believers in China, in being intolerant and readily attacking other believers who hold different views. We pray for humility for every believer and unity in churches, not as a slogan, but in earnest.
The use of military terms is so very common for the normal Chinese people. Many big enterprises talk about their marketing teams as “armies” or “troops,” and their sales territories as “battle zones.” And, at the ends of banquets, even today, mainland Chinese sometimes urge their friends to xiaomie (annihilate) the leftovers. Unfortunately, believers and other church leaders consider other believers who hold different interpretations or theological persuasions as enemies. We pray for true humility for all believers and teachers in China, knowing that all of our understanding of the Bible is imperfect and we can certainly learn from one another.
The roots of this New Chinese Language naturally go back to Mao. In his 1942 Yan'an speech exhorting authors and artists to “serve the people,” Mao called for writers to use language people can understand. It is really difficult for believers to love one another because they see plenty of faults in others and there is the tendency to show contempt for others and be self-righteous. We pray that all of us will always heed what Jesus said, “remove the beam in our own eyes.”
As Mr. Xi called Marx "the greatest thinker in modern times" he was reasserting the dominance of the Communist Party over an increasingly complex society by renewing devotion to the founding tenets of Communism. We pray for churches in China as they face strong political headwinds and even much more restrictions. We too pray that young believers will stand firm in a time of great pressure and even oppositions from their superiors, especially the new converts in colleges throughout the land.
China’s Communist Party sees the great importance in indoctrinating the students from a very young age. It has redoubled its effort to convert the young people who grew up absorbed in their smartphones rather than “The Communist Manifesto” or Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book.” We pray that believers who are parents will wake up to God's command to teach their children to know the Lord from the time they are small and that the parents will model the love of Jesus by teaching them to pray and not be ashamed of their faith.
Many young people in China see Karl Marx as just an image of someone who always has a big beard, and Marxism is just a bunch of concepts or a few exam questions. They really have no understanding of Marx and Marxism. Unfortunately, the same things are true for children from Christian homes and their understanding of Jesus Christ. We pray that believer parents will see the importance of raising godly children and that it is solely their responsibility to teach and train up their children to fear the Lord and not the job of their churches.
Every child in China is taught and indoctrinated with Marxist-Leninist lessons, in addition to tons of nationalistic greatness and patriotism. China remains loyal to socialism, despite having as many as 800 or more billionaires, rising high-tech conglomerates and gaping inequalities. It is a daunting task for Christian parents to raise up children who will keep their faith in Jesus, in an educational system that is absolutely anti-God. We know Christian parenting is an act of faith and thus we pray for greater faith for all Christian parents.
對某些年輕人而言,馬克思只是一個留著大鬍子的歷史人物,而馬克思主義也只是一些概念,或是幾道考題。他們實在不了解馬克思,更不懂馬克思主義。 遺憾的是,有些在基督教家庭成長的孩子對耶穌基督也一知半解。我們為信徒父母應認定教養敬虔後裔的重要禱告,並且曉得自己要教導和培養孩子敬畏神,而不是把這責任推卸給教會。
每個中國孩子都接受馬克思列寧主義的教導,還加上極多的民族偉大和愛國的灌輸。儘管中國有800多名億萬富翁、高科技企業集團,但在政治上仍然是個社會主義的國家。基督徒父母要想在無神教育體系中養育有基督信仰的孩子是何其艱鉅。他們需要主的恩典與扶持,更是信心的操練,因此我們為信徒家長守望 ,求神的施恩與憐憫與他們同在。 

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