Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Prayer Request 6/12 - 6/18

​While all young people in China feel the intense social and family pressure to succeed, the youth in the "one-child generation" are expected to support their aging parents and grandparents. They feel they will not be able to meet the expectation of finding a high-paying job and buying an apartment. ​The hope of many Christian parents is that their children turn to God. We pray their prayers are answered. May the​ Lord chasten the prodigal children and return them to His fold like the lost sheep.
A new term in China--"empty nest youth" refers to those in their twenties and thirties who work away from home, renting and living alone in big cities. They typically stay mostly in their homes, lack friendship, and remain unmarried. Many of them embrace the "sang culture" and feel that nothing they do really makes a difference.​ We pray for wisdom and strategies so young believers will get involved in serving in a church. May the Lord mobilize mature believers to care for, guide, ​and encourage them to serve humbly.
China has roughly 380 million millennials. whose ages are 18 to 35. They have opportunities that earlier generations would have found unimaginable, but they also have expectations that are becoming more difficult to meet. A church with many young people is truly God's blessing. We pray that churches will try to reach out to young people, intentionally welcoming them and make them feel comfortable to invite their friends.
In China, admission to an elementary school is tied to houkou, the residency permit. Those who hold a hukou and whose parents own an apartment in the school district are always put first, followed by those who hold a houkou but have no apartment in the district. All Chinese parents would do everything to provide the best education for the children. We pray that parents will never forget that the most important education is to teach children to know, to love and to serve the Lord.
In China, the hukou​ ​system prevents millions of migrant workers from the countryside from enrolling their children in the public schools in the cities where they work or live. Another problem is that houses within the district of a desirable school will cost much more than elsewhere.​ We pray that parents will teach their children Bible stories at home and pray with them as well as living out examples of service and helping their children to realize that it is a blessing to serve and their life goal is to serve God.
The latest plans from Guangzhou and Beijing require “qualified renters” to enjoy the same rights as homeowners and restrict the number of domestic migrants who will be given residence permits. But this does not mean renters will be given the same priority as house owners. We pray that Christian parents will not only pray for academic success for their children but will include spiritual growth and teach them to honor God above all other pursuits from the time they are very young.​
In China, hundreds of millions of people still live in rural areas with few prospects for jobs. Competition to get into universities is fierce, and competition for good jobs after college can be fiercer. The Lord has mercy on us, so we learn to truly love one another, because He first loved us and so others will know Him by our love. We pray the Lord will correct the way we judge a person by their profession and the work they do.

在中國,小學的入學與戶口(即居住許可證)息息相關。 招生時,在學區有房子的有優先權,接著是有戶口或是租房子的,就是沒有房子的。求主幫助家長在給孩子最好教育之餘,也教導他們敬畏神是智慧的開端,神看重我們本人過於我們的成就。

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