Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Prayer Request 4/10 - 4/16

In China, it is common that some pastors in cities move about and preach at different meeting places. This gives believers fresh speakers and message content. Although Chinese churches speak often of humility and unity, true humility and unity are mostly absent. The lack of submission and division are quite common, especially among the young intellectuals. Let us pray for all believers that we all need to repent, seek His forgiveness and be Christ-like.
Mentioning of sex is taboo in churches in China and most pastors are uncomfortable even talking about it. We pray that churches will boldly and practically teach their young people how to flee from the lusts of youth and not merely forbid premarital sex.
Sex education is very lacking in China. Anatomy is commonly taught as a substitute for sex education. Teenagers often speak of how their parents explained that children are born from armpits or even from trash cans. Children are an inheritance from God. (Psa 127:3) We pray that Christian parents will teach their children the knowledge of God and they will have a good parent-child relationship, and remind them often to walk closely with God.
In the past decades, the government in China has encouraged manufacturing for export by creating many low-wage jobs. However, this policy has led to an oversupply of manufactured goods. As the economy booms and real estate has ​skyrocketed in China, many believers are drawn to the Prosperity Theology. We pray that more believers will focus on knowing and desiring Jesus, the Giver of all blessing, rather than the blessing itself.
Beijing and Shanghai are the cultural centers of China, they literally lead the direction of Chinese society. ​We pray for the churches in these two cities that God will use them mightily as the leader and example for evangelism. To reach out to the community and treat their pastors well by honoring and providing for them.
Churches in China no longer encounter persecutions in the forms of martyrdom, imprisonment, exile, public denouncement, loss of job, or breaking up families. Churches now face greater threats of temptations of money, fame, power, and sensuality. We pray for the guarding of the hearts of all church leaders. We pray they will resist the trappings of secularism, adhere to the fervent teachings of Christ, be fervent in spreading the gospel, and not engage in turf fighting or merely expanding the sphere of their personal influence.
Churches in China have never adequately resolved how believers should deal with indigenous religious practices and ancestral worship. The recent resurgence of Chinese religious and cultural values has further increased the tension between Christian beliefs and traditional Chinese practices. ​​We pray that more pastors in China will teach how believers could apply Biblical principles on the occasions of wedding and funeral, to share testimonies more effectively, and give glory to God.

中國缺乏性教育,通常以「人體結構」的解說代替。十來歲的青少年常會談及父母對他們說,他們是從腋窩裡,甚至是垃圾桶裡爬出來的。「兒女是耶和華所賜的產業」(詩 127:3) 求主幫助信徒家長,從小就教導子女在交友、戀愛、婚姻上,知道神的心意;也有美好的親子關係,能把孩子帶到神面前,讓他們有正確的價值觀,選擇以神的原則和標準生活,與主親密同行而蒙福。

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