Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Prayer Request 10/31 - 11/6

We praise God for many young Chinese who not only received education abroad and also the salvation of Jesus Christ. But, it is not easy to retain their new found faith and continue their church lives. This is indeed the fruit of student ministries by many overseas Chinese churches, but much effort to follow up the new converts is needed, to ensure the continuing spiritual growth and discipleship, so their faith will survive the corrupt environment back home.
The Chinese government is actively educating students going abroad to prevent religious conversion, by reminding students to avoid contact with churches or accepting offers from Christians. We pray for all kinds of opportunities for churches to reach Chinese students near them. God gives churches understanding of the mind of young people, so churches can be more effective in engaging young students.
It is a tremendous challenge for the young converts to return home because China is atheistic, overtly hostile to Christianity and extremely materialistic. Life in China is also drastically different than in the West. We pray for unwavering as the returnees seek job in the extremely competitive market and pressure from their unbelieving parents who are shocked by their newfound faith.
All the students going abroad to study are the only child at home, their parents have paid for their education with savings. When they return to China, they will continue to live with their parents and later, live in an apartment paid for with parents money. We pray for these young Christians as they return home and face pressure from their parents whether financially or to pursue other goals and not ignore their Christian faith.
Chinese students who converted while studied abroad have no church experience in China, so they are literally stranger to churches and have no Christian friends there. Unfortunately, churches in China also look down on them because of their youthfulness and even suspect their faith is not tested or genuine. We pray that these young converts will not become discouraged and give up finding a spiritual home and the Lord will move churches to treasure these babes in Christ.
Many consider the college students in China are the best group for evangelism and a field ripe for harvest. But, many who become Christians stopped attending churches after graduation because of the myriad of temptations and pressure from their families. We pray for all college students who have been exposed to the gospel outside of China, the Lord protect the seeds sown, and make the soil fertile, bring people to water and so there will be abundant fruits.
It is a fact that churches in China badly need more pastors. Although there are many who are receiving training and being equipped now, but many more are existing the church ministry. Many pastors are burnt out physically and spiritually. We pray for God’s grace in giving them plenty of quiet time to pray and meditate on His words. We pray that more believers will help out in church and share the ministry load with their pastors.

中國教會不斷增長,但 教會全職事奉的同工仍極少;再者,傳道人受到足夠裝備的人數奇缺。而許多為神擺上的牧者們因忙於牧養群羊,連他們起碼的「安息日」都沒有了。我們為這些身心、靈性上嚴重透支的牧者們禱告,求神施恩,賜他們有足夠與神單獨交流及默想神的話語的時間。又求神親自吸引更多信徒熱心參與教會服事,減少牧者的壓力。

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