Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Prayer Request 3/21 - 3/27

A contest of poetry recitation, comprehension and appreciation is a runaway success on China’s national television. Viewers rave about the “near encyclopedic” knowledge of contestants and judges. We praise the Lord that many older Chinese believers were famous for being able to memorize lots of Bible verses because Bibles were not readily available. We pray that all believers, especially the younger ones will thirst after the Word of God.
Many have said that the contemporary Chinese language has become blunt and vulgar. A poetry contest on national television breathes a fresh air of civility and awakens an awareness of cultural self-confidence which is exactly what the officials in China desire. There are many translations of the Bible in English but the Union Version in Chinese is still loved and preferred by many. We pray for efforts to translate into more modern language and an acceptance of such a translation of the Bible so young people can read and understand the Word of God.
Nationally televised poetry contests drill the contestants on their recitation and appreciation of ancient Chinese poems. Although many participants are young, they definitely have a deep grasp of these classical Chinese poems and culture.Chinese believers have a special fondness for the Union Version of their Bible which is already more than a century old. Although it is prosaic, it is also archaic in the vocabulary it uses. We pray that younger believers will not only understand the Word of God, but like the Berean believers in the Bible, they will thirst to know more.
The government says that ninety percent of the people in China have some health insurance, but the under-financed state programs leave many patients covering the bulk of their medical costs themselves.​ The worry about losing all of their savings in case of illness is one big reason believers in the rural church there do not give money to their church. We pray for faith and trust in the Lord for every one of us.
Bribing medical personnel is illegal in China and the government has repeatedly warned the people but​ bribery is simply getting worse. Hongbao (red envelopes with money in them) typically yield $160 to $800 and are particularly common or required gifts before surgeries. A Christian in China faces difficult ethical and even legal conundrums daily so we pray for wisdom and faith to do the right thing that will please and honor the Lord.
In China​, one has to "buy" a doctor's effort to save the life of a person, Bribing a doctor is to get the physician to perform the surgery to the best of his/her ability. ​Trying to buy favor is very much a Chinese way of life​. For a Christian to go against the social norm even in the face of losing out require​s​ much courage and faith. We ask the Lord to give us the desire to honor Him.
The infant mortality rate in rural China has always been 2.5 times larger that what it is in the cities. In 2010, the average mortality rate in an average village was one in ten. ​ Many people in rural China have a fatalistic view of life since they know their children will never be well off. We pray for all of the believers in villages in China that the Lord will give them purpose and that they will realize He has the best for them so they will serve Him with joy.

近期電視節目《中國詩詞大會》爆紅,參賽者的才華有如「行走詩詞庫」,評委的學識亦淵博,令節目被喻為娛樂界一股清流。感謝神,老一代中國信徒著重把神的話藏在心裡,都能熟背許多經文。求主賜給眾信徒 (尤其是教會年輕一代) 能同樣渴慕神話語,以致能;運用神的話來分辨現今世代似是而非的謬誤歪理。
許多人認為現代中國人的語言變得直白粗鄙,央視《中國詩詞大會》選手重新喚起眾人對中華文化的肯定, 亦符合官方要傳達的正能量。英文聖經有許多翻譯本,中文聖經還是和合本一枝獨秀。求主幫助眾聖徒用心研讀神的話,能參考不同譯本,叫我們更明白神的心意。又將那賜人智慧和啟示的靈賞賜我們,使我們真認識祂。
電視的詩詞大會考驗選手對古詩詞的背誦及賞析。參賽者年紀雖輕卻淡定自若,相信是古典詩詞的浸染和洗禮之功。中國教會喜愛的和合本聖經,已有百年歷史,文字雖優美,但對部份年輕人來說,有些用字較為艱澀。求主幫助年輕信徒像聖經提及的 "庇哩亞人" 一樣,甘心領受真道,天天考查聖經,要更深切曉悟神的心意和真理。
政府聲稱 90%巿民有某種醫療保險,但資金不足的國家醫保導致很多病人需要自己支付大部分醫療費用。許多信徒不奉獻的原因之一,就是擔心一旦生病需要支付龐大醫藥費,所以必需未雨綢繆。我們為每個信徒禱告,將神的物歸給神,操練學習全然信靠神,堅心仰賴主的帶領與供應。

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