Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Prayer Request 6/14 - 6/20

A recent television ad rekindled the debate concerning ​whether Chinese are racists. ​ The attitude of Chinese people toward other ethnicities is complicated but without doubt, Chinese people consider themselves superior in Asia.​Many Chinese Christians hold the view that Chinese ​people are ​uniquely called and qualified to complete the world mission. It is our prayer that we know what the LORD requires​ of us. “To do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” (Micah 6:8)
The vast majority of Chinese will vehemently deny they are racially discriminating, but Chinese​ people​ refer to Africans as “black devils”, blurting out brazenly insults on other darker-skinned ethnic groups. Chinese Christians will consider sharing the gospel with only people they deem with​ a​ good work ethic or civilized. We pray for the removal of pride and prejudice from our churches​ and may ​the Lord and His grace humble us before Him.
Chinese people ​are ​truly ​more open and blatant in their racial discrimination than Westerners. ​The vast ​majority of Chinese are afraid of black people, believing they carry infectious diseases and so on. Chinese Christians speak grandly of world mission but are in fact, reaching only Chinese abroad and not ​working ​cross-culturally. We pray for the fledgling ​efforts​of missionaries sent​ by many Chinese churches.
When it comes to discrimination against darker-skinned races, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are all the same. They all prefer fair-skinned domestic helpers. When choosing English teachers, they all want white people with blond ​hair.​ We praise God for some churches and believers who are reaching out to hundreds of thousand of domestic helpers, sharing their churches or doing personal evangelism, especially to the growing numbers of Muslim ​domestic helpers.
When describing other people groups, Chinese lack sensitivity. They will say, farmers are unsophisticated, Tibetans are dirty, Uighurs are thieves, Africans are ugly, even Southeast Asians are lazy people. We pray especially for urban churches,​ that the Lord ​will ​help them be willing to accept and invite the migrant workers from villages who live near their church​es​​ and above ​all, make them feel comfortable and loved like​at​home.
According to figures in 2011, there ​were ​only about 600,000 foreigners living in China, only a few are black and most are in Guangzhou as merchants. Only a very, very few Chinese have direct contact with black people. ​The official news purposely paints the human ​plight abroad negatively and reinforces Chinese pride. We pray that some churches in China will start to pray for the work and may the Lord soften the hearts of each of us and fill us with His compassion.
Cosmetic whitening products are very ​popular in Asia where being fair-skinned is considered beautiful. Chinese people feel that "being fair makes up for any ugliness". Chinese people have often equated people with darker skin as being lazy or having a lack of education. This kind of bias causes their evangelism to be selective and hurts their outreach efforts. We pray for changed hearts and that they truly understand God's unconditional love.​

中國百姓的種族歧視態度,事實上遠比西方人公開和明目張膽。再者,中國人對黑人還存在著恐懼心態,怕有傳染病等等。 信徒提到普世宣教往往會口沫橫飛,但實際上,所謂的 "國外"宣教,並不是跨文化,而僅是向旅外的同胞而已。求主恩待中國剛起步的宣教行動,尤其是差派華人的宣教士。

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