Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prayer Request 1/12 - 1/18

Life expectancy in China has lengthened dramatically, rising an average of 8.5 years since 1990. Shanghai had the highest life expectancy in China in 2013, 80.2 years for men and 85.2 ​for women. This is an increase of ​six years from 1990. ​We give thanks to God for the enormous improvement in the health of people in China and pray for those caring for the elderly in every church there. May the Lord raise up more people who will look after and visit the older believers.​
In addition to the leap in life expectancy, there has been a significant drop in child mortality​ in China​. Between 1996 and 2013, the mortality rate for Chinese children under ​five decreased by 70%. ​Many churches still have little or no meaningful ministries for children. With the abolishment of the one-child policy, we pray that churches will be ready to begin by training workers to begin and expand their children's and youth ministries.​
There has been a sizeable shift in the pattern in the cause of death in China​--away from infectious diseases to non-communicable ones with the notable exception of HIV. ​Churches also have many people with chronic illness. We ask God to help the people in the churches not only to pray for the healing of the sick in their churches but to also extend helping hands to them--especially to those non-Christian families.
More years of life were lost to stroke, heart disease, and cancers in 2013 than 1990. Road injuries have also become a top ten cause of death in every single province in mainland China. We pray for traveling mercy and safety for believers in their travel to work and ​back ​home. We specifically lift up pastors who shepherd ​flocks and preach at different meeting places. ​May ​the Lord protect their going in and out.
Chinese in the less-developed regions of China like Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Guangxi have double the burden of infectious diseases, road injury, stomach cancer, and cerebrovascular disease (the main cause of stroke) than those elsewhere.​ We pray for churches and believers in these regions. We know they are small and weak, both physically and often spiritually as well. May the Lord grant them revival and strengthen them.
Chinese people make up the largest number of tourists in the world which is expected to double to 200 million by 2020. Many countries are dropping their visa requirement to attract Chinese tourists.​ We pray churches will grasp the opportunity to share the gospel with Chinese tourists visiting their cities and invite them to come to their services.
Last year forty million tourists from China inundated Hong Kong but unfortunately they did not find a welcome there because the locals were angered by their outlandish spending in stores that sold luxury goods, malls, and even in the restaurants.​ We pray that local believers​ in every country​ will welcome Chinese tourists, in a way that facilitates the​ sharing of the Gospel, without discrimination.

從1990 到2013年,更多的中國人死於中風、心臟病和癌症,而車禍在各省份中也躍為十大死亡原因之一。我們為信徒在路途旅遊有平安禱告,尤其是要進進出出照顧不同聚會點的傳道人,願神保守、看顧他們每天出入的平安及奔波于途的辛勞。
去年有超過4000萬中國觀光客湧進香港,在奢侈品店、購物中心、餐廳和飯店大肆消費。但是中國旅客在香港,卻面對當地人的怒氣,而非熱情接待與歡迎。求主幫助海外的基督徒,能把握神帶給眾信徒"現今"的機會誠摯接待中國觀光客,有機會分享信仰, 讓他們能親嘗主愛的滋味。

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