Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Prayer Request 9/8 - 9/14

TuesdayChina has a large film industry and the second-biggest box office in the world, but few people outside the country have ever watched a movie released from China. We pray for wisdom for all believers, especially the young ones, so they can discern the hidden messages and unbiblical value system in all the media we are exposed to everyday.
When a movie is made in China, film censorship rules dictate that crime stories must be free of crime, ghost tales cannot show ghosts and Chinese corrupt politicians can’t be crooked. The Chinese government is extremely sensitive about how the nation is portrayed. We can say Chinese entertainment is clean, but we all know how corrupt Chinese society is. We pray for guarding of hearts of all believers, so we will not only have a religious façade but rather a clean spirit.
No one can start making a film in China without submitting the plot to the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SGAPPRFT), an agency that control​s​ media but​ is​ best known (and feared) as a committee of censorship. Many good Christian contents,​​ books and movies are unable to receive official approval and be available openly. We pray for more content for personal devotion, Bible study tools and commentaries for believers in China.
Movies with sex scenes or depictions of “excessive drinking, smoking and other bad habits” are forbidden in China. Any content that ​is​ “propagating passive or negative outlook on life, worldview and​ the​ value system” is also banned. ​Obviously, people in China have access to all kinds of pornographic and violent material despite the bans. We pray for Christian parents who​ are concerned about how this will affect their children. May the Lord give them a good parent-child relationship so they can express their care and concern.
China will censor or reject the storyline of a movie for being "unscientific" because it features time travel. It automatically bans any "historical untruth" which often means presenting past events inconsistently according to the official version of Chinese history.​Officials in China are suspicious of Christianity because it has too much foreign influence and connection ​with the outside. We pray that churches will have a wonderful testimony in their communities, living out the love of Jesus, and dispelling the image that Christianity is a foreign religion.
In any movies released in China, the bad guy cannot be Chinese. Any crime movie must not be initiated within China’s borders. All Chinese policemen and soldiers must be good guys. Government employees may never be corrupt and there are no prostitutes in China. The Bible says that we are all​ sinners. May the Spirit of God always convict us so that we do not become conceited thinking we are better than others.
At least half of the movies shown in Hong Kong now are produced in in co-operation with China, so they are subject to the rules China imposes on them.​ Because of this, Hong Kong makes only "Kung Fu" films or uses stories that took place before 1949. Recently Christians in Hong Kong were divided into pro-Beijing, pro-democracy, and neutral camps. We pray for unity of the churches in Hong Kong and that mission agencies would not lose their passion to help churches inside China.


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