Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Prayer Request 2/3 - 2/9

TuesdayChinese men and women try to buy favors to get ahead in business ventures, often by courting officials at night clubs or through drinking and sex. They feel they can get ahead only by cultivating officials over banquets and socializing.​ Many believers are unable to get out of after-work socialization so they suffer both physically and spiritually. We pray for Christian families devastated by excessive business socializing. May the Lord give them healing in both their spousal and parent-child relationships.
The effect of the recent crackdown in China is quite dramatic The nightly visit to the Karaoke Club​ has practically stopped. Government officials are afraid to accept anything, including gifts and dinner invitations. Some officials have even returned gifts they received before the crackdown. May the Lord open our eyes to our own filth and sins and search our hearts, We pray especially for those who serve in churches, for the Bible tells us "There is no one righteous, not even one." (Romans 3:10)
​The government crackdown in China seems to have had a dramatic effect in the short term. It has eliminated corrupt entertainment practices which seem to be at the heart of it but one unintended consequence has been bureaucratic paralysis.​ Jesus warned that in the last days there will be false Christs and false prophets who will deceive the very elect (Matthew 24:24). We pray the Lord will corrupt the work of the deceivers, those who love money, and the "wolves in sheep skin" in His church.
This web of business and government officials is the way things are done in China, entertaining and buying favors is the core of this practice. But, when corrupt officials are afraid to start any ambitious project​,​ it could generate economic repercussions. Many Chinese Christians run their churches as a family business, creating many errors and stumbling blocks. May the Lord remind us of His true humility, not seeking the praise of men nor the power to control.
The recent crackdown from the top on down will lead to political​ purges but the leadership in the Party will avoid repeating the Cultural Revolution when those they purged came back to power and in turn purged them. The critical spirit and distrust of the era of the Cultural Revolution are still felt among older church leaders. We pray for genuine servant leadership among all of those who are leaders in the church, that they will not merely demand respect but be a model of sacrificial service to those they are leading.
Doing business in China​ requires both guanxi (relationship)and bei jing (background). Guanxi can be cultivated and can be bought but bei jing is something one is born with and is based primarily on relationships in either one's own or one's spouse's family. ​Many believers think it takes connection and family relationship to be in the inner circle of the church.​ Unfortunately, conflicts in churches have further enhanced this misconception. We pray the Lord will once again cleanse His church in China.
​Successful business people in China are starting to complain that ​they are doing all right but there is this other level of people who are way above them who have bei jing (background). They complain, "I will never have that so they are the only ones who can really succeed." We pray for believers, especially the younger ones, who feel they do not have a good enough family background to get a good job or social advancement. May the Lord give them a heart to seek and depend on Him completely.

中國商人們抱怨說,他們的生意做得雖然不錯,但還有另一個層次的人比他們強多了。他們抱怨說:「我永遠不會有那種 "背景",他們才是真正能成功的人。」求主幫助自認沒有好家庭背景的信徒,要專心仰望、依靠耶和華。

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