Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prayer Request 8/26 - 9/1

TuesdayJackie​ Chan, kung fu mega star who was designated an anti-drug ambassador by the police in China, apologized for his son's arrest for using drugs there. "I'm extremely furious. I am very much ashamed as a public figure and very sad as a father. His mother is heartbroken. I've failed as a father." Let us pray for all of the Christian families that have prodigal children. Let us not let deep shame and a judgmental attitude prevent us from really praying for families who need support and guidance. May the Lord comfort and hear the prayers of all such heartbroken parents.
Beijing​ has been cracking down on drug abuse but apparently targeting celebrities in the entertainment circle. Jackie Chan has stirred much consternation by saying, "Chinese people need to be ruled' and that Hong Kong and Taiwan are "chaotic because of too much freedom".The Bible tells us, "The Lord loves whom He chastens, and He scourges every son whom He receives." (Hebrews 12:6) We pray for endurance and repentance for those who are experiencing God's discipline now. May we fear Him and His wrath and be free of sinning.
In 2011, the elder Mr. Chan reportedly said he had decided to give away his entire multimillion-dollar fortune to charity, leaving none for his son. “If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money,” Chan said. We pray that more believers will see the importance and the God-given responsibility of passing on their faith. Often, many Chinese Christians parents have the attitude, “Let my kids decide their faith for themselves.”
In the eyes of young people in China, there is a new Middle Class being formed which consists mostly of people thirty to forty years old. These people possess a strong sense of financial security but due to their good education, they work hard and are enterprising.​ We praise God for the influx of young professional families with a high income and education into many urban churches. These new believers want challenging and practical teaching rather than old- fashioned sermons. We pray for them to have humility and a willingness to be discipled.
​Money is not the only criteria used to determine who belongs to the new Middle Class in China. There is another category of Chinese nouveau riche but they are ridiculed as people who are super rich and lack culture and sophistication. ​This influx of believers who are highly intellectual and financially well-off presents a challenge for pastors. Many of them feel intimidated and intellectually inadequate to minister to these people. We pray for wisdom, discernment, and God-given confidence for every urban pastor.​
The​ new Middle Class in China despise the nouveau riche who are called "tyrants". They are far richer than those in the new Middle Class and spend money without blinking their eyes. The people in the new Middle Class also buy luxury items but they look for a good deal and things with good taste. Young families in the church are usually so busy with work and raising children that many do not attend the Sunday services consistently. We pray for young families and for the pastors who minister to them that they will know how to help them love the Lord very deeply.
As​ a member of the new Middle Class, one does not need to be a golfer but he should either jog or swim at least once a week. He does not have to be a mountain climber but he should have the time and learn about nature through hiking. Young believers have the money, mobility, and interests to occupy them but unfortunately many lack spiritual commitment. Let us pray that more people in this group will hunger for God's Word, spiritual maturity and humility.

在年輕人眼裏,有一股強大的勢力崛起,就是新中產階級。這是以30-40歲左右的人為基礎的大族群,物質的豐富讓他們有強烈的安全感,同時,良好的教育也讓他們保持強烈的進取心。 我們為許多年輕的專業人士家庭加入城市教會感恩,他們擁有高教育水平和收入,對講台信息要求有挑戰性及實際化,而不是傳統的講道。求主賜給他們多有謙卑受教及願意領受造就成為門徒的心智。
金錢不是劃分新中產階級的唯一標準,否則即使物質上達到了標準,現代的年輕人仍會毫不客氣地嘲笑有錢的人只是「土豪」,而不是新中產階級。高教育及收入的會友確實會對牧者有極大的期待,使他倍感壓力,也造成傳道人心中難免的自卑,不知道如何去牧養他們。 求主賜給城市教會牧者大有智慧,能分辨教導,也有來自天上來的信心。
新中產階級絕對看不起所謂的 「土豪」,「雖然土豪的確​​比較有錢,但是品位糟透了」。 這兩類的人都熱愛奢侈品,「土豪」動不動就在高檔專賣店一擲千金,但新中產階級的人會買減價的奢侈品。年輕夫婦因太忙於工作和撫育家人而不固定參與教會事奉及活動,主日聚會也是如此。我們來為年輕夫婦禱告,求主 幫助教會牧者知道如何帶領這群信徒,幫助他們愛主更深。

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