Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prayer Request 12/10 - 12/16

TuesdayNorthern China is known for its heavy air pollution because they burn coal there in the winter. However, recently haze and calm weather have created very bad pollution in the Eastern region of China forcing schools to close in Shanghai and Nanjing. Churches in China face spiritual pollution as prosperity and ever declining sexual mores corrode their faith. Believers are often powerless to resist temptation and even sin. May the Lord quicken each one to be vigilant using His full armor to fend off the attack of the evil one.
In many cities in China, churches have started holding retreats for men or women as well as marriage retreats during the holidays. These retreats give busy Christians rest and special blessings. We pray that these meetings will bring renewal to marriages and that couples will learn healthy Biblical communication skills and habits, and those who struggle with brokenness, abuse, and hurt will find healing.
City churches in China are drawing more and more young professional couples and families to their services. Many of these very busy people are concerned about nothing more than their families and children. Because of this need, many city churches are putting an emphasis on caring for married couples. Many new Christian couples must deal with issues of past sin and continuing problems with their in-laws. We pray they can live out the sacrificial love of Jesus (wives submitting and husbands being considerate) because this is the hardest lesson for them to learn.
In China, the following cities have the highest divorce rate: Beijing leads with thirty-nine percent followed by Shanghai with thirty-eight percent and then Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Taipei, Hong Kong, Dalian, Hangzhou, and Harbin. We pray that believers will not be influenced by the corrupted attitude about marriage that they see all around them but will be wise in rejecting the wrong idea that divorce solves marital problems. May the Lord guard the pledge we made at our wedding before Him as well as our thoughts and minds.
It is said that eighty percent of the divorces of in China are due to extramarital affairs and at least sixty percent of them admit to varying degrees of sexual or mental infidelity. The process of filing for a divorce in China is very simple and the fee is a mere ten yuan ($1.50 US). The majority of people in China see divorce as the natural end to an unhappy marriage with no moral or psychological consequences. Let us pray for Christians who are considering divorce that the Lord will prepare a mature Christian believer who can counsel them and then they will have faith to seek and do what God wants them to do.
When they were asked how their extramarital affair began, more than half of the people in China said, “I don’t know.” Although they expressed regret for their foolish act, they said the affair gave them unprecedented excitement. We pray for the serious problem in the churches in China of a lack of resources and ability to handle the vast need for marital counseling. May the Lord raise up more trained therapists, training programs, and pastors who see the importance of marital counseling.
According to marriage counselors, those who have been involved in affairs usually say they are not sure whether they will repeat the same mistake again or not. Nearly all who have had affairs admit they will never be able to return to their original loving relationship in marriage. We pray for the many divorced people in churches and ask for God’s healing for their brokenness knowing that God’s forgiveness is total and complete. We pray, too, that churches will accept them and have wisdom in their relationships with the families.

城市教會吸引越來越多的職場人士加入,他們最關心的莫過於家庭和孩子等話題,因著這樣的需求,城市教會開始重視對於教會夫妻的關懷和牧養。許多信主不久的基督徒夫婦,必須對付信主之前的罪和目前生活中與配偶父母相處的難題。我們為他們能勝過自己的軟弱,活出主耶穌犧牲的愛:丈夫體貼妻子,妻子順服丈夫來禱告, 因為捨己是最不易學習的功課。

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