Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Prayer Request 6/18 - 6/24

Recently, high school seniors from around China sat for the annual college entrance examination, called the Gaokao. Most Chinese students prepare for years under intense pressure, and families spend huge amounts on tutoring and after-school study sessions. We pray for the families of believers who are waiting for the results of this decisive examination. May the Lord grant them faith, peace, and the knowledge that He has a great plan for their children. We also pray that parents will continue to encourage their children to love and trust God because He is in control.
While increasing numbers of Chinese students go overseas for college – nearly 200,000 went to North America for the 2011-12 academic year – the vast majority have no option for higher education but to do well on the national exam.Overseas Chinese churches have an opportunity to minister to these affluent and fun-loving undergraduates. We pray for the fruitful outreach efforts many churches make as they host events to attract the students and lead them to Jesus.
As with nearly everything in China, there are too many people in the educational system competing for a scarce resource. Through the household registration (hukou) system, the college entrance process is biased in favor of urban participants. It seems unfair that college education can literally decide one’s future in China. We pray specifically for rural believers who are often inferior in their education. May the Lord comfort them and help parents to encourage their children to love and serve God more knowing He is impartial.
The hukou (residency) system perpetuates a rigid caste system. Children who have a rural hukou inherit their parents’ second-class status even though they were born in a city. Many urbanites want to keep this system in place to protect their preferential access to jobs, education, and health care. Some Christians worry about saving money for their children’s education and their own health expenses but lack faith in giving to God. We pray for faith and trust in God so each of us will realize that God will take care of His own people just as He cares for the sparrows.
In China, getting into college does not guarantee a good job upon graduation, especially this year. Seven million students who succeeded in passing the Gaokao four years ago are now looking for work in the toughest job market ever. Unemployment and inability to find a suitable job create tension at home. We pray that churches will be able to minister to people who are undergoing these trials and they will experience the meaning of the Scripture which says, “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. (Psalm 20:7)
While the Chinese government embraces Buddhism and Taoism, it suppresses and monitors Christianity very suspiciously. One reason is the monotheistic theology of Christianity which directly opposes the atheism of Communism. We need to continue to pray for the political leaders that the Lord will open their eyes to see that young people coming to Jesus and joining churches is not a threat to China, but is beneficial to Chinese society.
Christianity is treated with suspicion by officials in China so undercover agents from the central or local government, the Ministry of Public Security, and the National Security Agency are constantly monitoring churches. It is our duty to pray for peace for all the Christian gatherings and trainings sessions. We pray for wisdom for the church leaders, and effective ministry of outside speakers, so they will not only teach Biblical knowledge, but also inspire students to love the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly.


儘管出國上大學的中國學生越來越多 ( 20112012,近20萬中國學子赴北美讀大學),但絕大多數的年輕人還是在國內接受高等教育,除了在高考中考出好成績,別無選擇。海外華人教會有許多機會接觸留學生,本科留學生雖然普遍經濟環境不錯,能到處遊覽,但教會還是能吸引一些人,也領了一些人歸主。我們為各地的留學生事工感恩並代禱,求主幫助神的教會透過舉辦各樣的活動,能用諸般的智慧,勸戒人、教導人,把各人在基督裏完完全全地引到神面前。

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