Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prayer Request 8/23 - 8/29

Amid soaring real estate prices, more divorcing couples have struggled to gain a share of property ownership, as houses have become an extremely lucrative and contested matter. Parents who buy their children houses used to worry that their children's divorces could result in the loss of family property. When the young couple's marriage is deteriorating, their parents often feel helpless or even become antagonistic. We pray for all the believers who face this situation, may the Lord comfort them, give them peace, and continue to be faithful in prayer for their children's spiritual health.

The Supreme Court in China issued a decision concerning disputes over real estate in the increasing number of divorce cases in the country. A house bought by parents and registered under the child's name remains the personal property of that child after marriage which means the divorcing spouse will not become co-owner of the house. It is truly painful to watch one's child struggle in marriage or resort to divorce. Let us pray for all believers who are in such a predicament. May the Lord give them extra patience, gentleness, and wisdom and above all may they not lose their faith in Him but continue to be a godly influence on their child and the in-laws.

The Constructive type of Christians tend to get involved in charitable causes such as disaster relief, helping those in poverty, medical treatment, and education for the poor. In some cases these Christians get involved privately or through their companies because churches per se are not allowed to do this. Let us pray for all of these Christian efforts to share the compassion of Christ through various good deeds even when there may be little opportunity to share Jesus directly.

The Prophetic type of Christians in China have some that are more conservative and others who are aggressive because they believe very strongly that Christians should not shy away from the issue of injustice. We thank the Lord for believers who have strong convictions about right and wrong and we pray for wisdom and boldness for them. We know a nation must have justice and righteousness and we pray that Christians will be bright examples in this darkened world.

The Submissive type of Chinese Christians do not engage in open debates about social issues since they prefer to identify with the stand taken by officials. Unfortunately Chinese believers are easily divided by their stand on non-religious issues. May the Lord remove our pride and self-righteousness and help us to see that others are better and more committed to Jesus than we are ourselves and thus, are worhy of our imitation.

The Prophetic type of Chinese Christians will use foreign media to get their voices heard but they are patriotic and exemplary young people. They, on the other hand, often draw the attention of the media and the police and are prone to encounter setbacks. May the Lord give each of us wisdom, patience, and unwavering faith in Him with maturity and a good reputation in the eyes of unbelievers.

In Guangzhou people with disabilities pay only half price on subways. In Wuhan and Shenzhen people with handicaps ride for free. Those who have disabilities are trying to get the Beijing government to offer free rides to all handicapped people rather than to just blind people. We remember all believers who have a handicap and are unable to attend worship and fellowship with other believers. Many house churches are in residential buildings without handicap accessibility. Let us pray for them, for joy and strong faith in the Lord. We pray, too, that churches will help these weaker members to be strong by visiting them and including them in church services.








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