Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Prayer Request 3/8 - 3/14

Since 1978, it is mandatory that Chinese male workers and Party members retire at age 60; female workers retire at age 50, but female Party members get to retire at 55. Government is considering changing such rigid requirement because of the inequality and huge waste of human potential. There are untold numbers of sisters who have retired early and have helped in all aspects of church ministry. The visitation, caring and teaching they perform make up for the shortage of pastors in their churches. We praise the Lord for all of their service and we pray that many will be blessed because of their dedication, both as Mary and Martha.
Although the tradition has been giving money to the groom to buy an apartment or a car, the new judicial rule regarding marital properties is that whoever buys the house before marriage gets to keep it. This gives confidence to many parents of daughters to buy a house for their daughter. All parents want the marriage of their children to be successful. We pray that Christian parents will have the wisdom to teach their children the fear of God and that to serve Him is to be blessed. We pray that above all they will continue to pray for the young family and always be a godly influence on the new couples.
hat the groom buys the house and the bride pays for a car is a longstanding wedding tradition in Zhejiang Province. However, when the the cost of a house is figured in the millions and even tens of millions, it has become a touchy subject for young couples and their parents to decide who does own the house. Given the high divorce rate, even a Christian couple in China is at risk of breaking up. We lift up those who are Christians but are married to non-believers. May the Lord give them special grace and an extra measure of patience knowing that God loves their family.
The most recent judicial interpretation of China's "Marriage Law" states that when a married person lives with someone and that person seeks monetary compensation to quit living with that person, the court does NOT support it. There are many couples in the churches in China who have broken marriages and the spouse is living with someone else. We pray for those who are going through not merely rough patches but turbulent times in their marriages. May the Lord give them special grace knowing that He will not abandon them and through all of this may their faith in Jesus grow even more.
There are many young female college graduates who cannot find a good job so have decided to find a Sugar Daddy and be a mistress.The new "Marriage Law" has put an end to the dream that young women have had that they could be compensated legally for being a mistress. Nearly everyone in China knows of someone who has a mistress or has had an affair. Unfortunately, even Christian men are not immune from such actions. We pray again for the guarding of hearts and that they will stay away from temptation and live with a renewed commitment to their families and those of all of the other brothers.
The new interpretation of China's "Marriage Law" states that if a wife decides to have an abortion her husband has no right to stop her and cannot seek compensation. If a couple fights over the issue of conception and wants a divorce, the court will allow it. There are many Chinese believers who have no children and are unable to have them. We remember them in our prayers. May the Lord bless them with His joy. May they have spiritual maturity and be able to help others in the church and become a great blessing to them.
The Supreme Court of China's new judicial interpretation of the "Marriage Law"which says, "After marriage, the parents of one member of the couple must buy real estate and record it in their child's name as a gift to their child. It is not joint communal property of the couple." has caused a heated debate. We pray for believers who must help pay for the house of their soon-to-be-married child. It is indeed stressful financially and emotionally. We pray that Christian parents will not only give their child a piece of valuable property but also their faith that "Christ is the Head of our house".

中國有所謂的「小三」惡風,一些大學畢業的女孩,未能找到一份好工作,就不惜去做「小三」傍富人。她們盼望至少能得到一筆分手費,然而最新的《婚姻法》司法解釋已斷了這條美夢。 中年男人出軌在當下已成普遍現象,誰有情婦甚至是人所共知。讓人難過的是,教會當中亦不乏其人。求聖靈光照人心,叫人悔改離開不忠的罪。求主時刻管理我們的心,遠避私慾、試探,重新向主、向家庭委身,也對其他弟兄守望負責。

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