Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayer Request 9/28 - 10/4

Last year sixty-four percent of the counterfeit goods caught in the European Union came from China. In the past this was fake luxury goods but now products like shampoo, tooth paste, toys, and other things that are used daily are counterfeit and pose serious health risks. False teaching and cults present risks for great spiritual harm for Chinese believers, especially those who are not well-educated. Let us pray for those who have been led astray. May the Lord have mercy and rescue them from the spiritual and psychological bondage they face and help them to return to the true body of Christ.
It is explicitly forbidden that the uniforms of members of the Chinese Liberation Army be used or worn commercially yet some companies copy them and decorate them with their own logos. Even those in the sex business wear army uniforms as a way to attract their customers. There are many false teachers in the churches (especially those who practice the occult) who call themselves prophets, disciples, or even siblings of Jesus Christ. Many weak and undiscerning believers are led astray by them. We pray that believers can discern what is right and not be fooled. We pray for more right teaching in the churches, especially those that are weak.
Recently several high-profile corruption cases have involved high officials in China as well as imminent judges in Taiwan. Since it shatters people's faith when judges are involved in crime and are corrupt, the Taiwan government vowed to have an independent commission akin to that in Hong Kong and Singapore investigate internal corruption. Christians and leaders alike are tempted by greed. The rational that "the church is paying for it and I deserve it" is very common in China. May the Lord be merciful to His church guarding the hearts and motives of all who are in a position of leadership.
Many experts have pointed out the severe imbalance of the sexes in China. By 2020 it is estimated that young marriageable males will outnumber females by thirty to forty million. This will mean that one in five males will be unable to find a spouse, leaving tens of millions of them unable to have families. There is always a tension about whether a Christian woman should marry an unbeliever. We know it is a difficult question to face and there is a tremendous pressure from their families to get married quickly. We pray along with those who wait upon the Lord, for faith to trust God to prepare His choice of a spouse for them.
The All-China Women's Federation is the largest women's NGO in China and has become the major vehicle for the promotion of feminism in China. It was established in 1949 as an arm of the Communist Party and led by wives of various party leaders. In the past, it has been involved in helping settle family disputes and even introducing couples for marriage. In the Open Churches there are also organizations for women believers. Let us pray for all who lead the women's ministries in churches. May the Lord use them to build up all the sisters and reach out to help those who are single parents as well as those who are struggling in their marriage.
While many Chinese women stay single until they are in their late 20's or early 30's, there is a lot of family and social pressure for these women to marry earlier. In a recent official meeting there was a suggestion to let girls start school at the age of five so they would have more time to find a suitable mate. We remember again those whether male or female, who pray and wait for God to prepare a spouse for them who is a believer. May the Lord give them patience and assurance knowing that He will not fail them. We remember, too, their spiritual walk. May the Lord give them joy in growing in His Word, serving and enriching their lives with godly pursuits.
In Zhejiang there is a special place called Yiwu which has tremendous economic clout in China because a majority of the small goods exported each year go through there. More than ten thousand foreign merchants live there year-around. Another name for Yiwu is "China's most powerful country." Let us pray for all the believers who are involved in trades and especially those who are in the export business. Usually they have more life experience, financial clout, and managerial ability than others in the church so they can be a great help to any church. We pray that they will be faithful to serve God's people with humility and gladness with what the Lord has entrusted to them.

「婦聯」是中國很獨特的組織,成立之初其成員都是一些大媽級的人物。她們憑借在街坊中的影響力,幫助夫妻處理家庭糾紛和夫妻矛盾,同時也兼任紅娘。 在公開教會中,也有婦女聯誼的組織及委員會。讓我們為每間教會負責帶領婦女事工的信徒祈求,願主使用她們來建立所有的姐妹們,也能關懷那些單親的父、母親及婚姻不美滿和掙扎於家庭暴力中的姐妹。
30出頭還沒結婚對象的女生已被稱為 「剩女」。最近官方的討論會中有人提議,為給女研究生爭取寶貴時間,舒緩婚戀難題,可將現行女孩入學年齡由6周歲提前到5周歲。我們再次記念所有在禱告中等候神為他們預備主內伴侶的弟兄姐妹。求神賜他們耐心和確據來明白神的心意和帶領。也為他們的屬靈生活禱告,幫助他們在神的話語中得到滿足和喜樂,從服事和聖道的追求中得享更豐盛的生命。
中國的輕工小商品有很大一部分都是從浙江省的義烏銷往國外的,常駐義烏的外商就有一萬多名。因當地有極大的經濟影響力,義烏也被稱為「中國權力最大縣」。 讓我們為涉足貿易,特別是出口生意的信徒們禱告。他們當中有許多人更具人生歷練,經濟影響力,及管理才能,能給教會帶來許多的助益。求主保守他們,能夠以神所賜的恩典,謙卑而忠心地事主愛人。

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