Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prayer Request 8/24 - 8/30

China is the only place in the world that has independent mosques for women along with their own ahong, or imam who leads prayers and teaches the Quran to them. Older ladies report, however, that the low pay and few economic opportunities which this profession offers mean that not many women are drawn to it. Churches in China also have a large number of female pastors. We remember their labor and faithful dedication to God and His people. May the Lord grant them strength to serve, courage to preach the word and may He bless their spouses and their children.
Many overseas Chinese who wish to donate support to their hometown in China often encounter the problem of finding a trustworthy person to receive and use the money properly. They frequently find that the funds were mishandled. Recently officials have revealed scandals involved in the funds sent for earthquake relief. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find people who are truly accountable for the money meant for church ministries. We pray for people of integrity to manage monies that are sent for helping the churches. May the Lord guard our hearts from greed and keep us all from temptation on those lines.
The government of China tries to clean up the vulgar, low-class, and sexy things which are so prevalent in all forms of media there now. One example is the media fixation on big-breasted foreign soccer fans and images of such women everywhere. Believers cannot possibly avoid all the tempting media but we do need to keep ourselves pure. We pray the Lord will keep us all of us from degrading thoughts and that our minds and bodies may be pure as we conform to the image of our Lord Jesus.
Officials in China have declared that in the coming fifteen to twenty years half of the apartment buildings in China will need to be torn down and re-built. China is the country in which there is the most construction in the world even though all of the buildings can be used for twenty-five to thirty years.This statistic helps us realize that within the next two decades, half of the urban churches in China will have to re-locate. Let us pray for the congregations facing this problem. May the Lord give them wisdom, a vision to broaden their scope of ministry, and a willingness to reach out to their neighbors.
An official newspaper in China reports that only 8% of residents surveyed in the cities are satisfied with way their cities are planned. Many grumble about the tearing down of buildings to make way for new ones and 83.5% said that the city leaders are merely trying to make a name for themselves.Many churches in China face relocation and repair each year. Building a new church or remodeling the old buildings can be divisive for any congregation. We pray for unity in all of these churches and may their new buildings bring a new beginning to their churches.
The number of Christians in China has grown but it varies by the regions. Almost a quarter of the populaton of Henan is reported to be Christian. Seventy-five percent of the believers in China are in seven provinces: Henan, Anhui, Yunnan, Shangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu,and Zhejian. We praise the Lord for adding to the numbers who are saved and we lift up the people in the churches in those seven provinces as we pray. We can think that the people in these places are much like those in the seven churches in Revelation and the Lord is pleased by our prayers for them.
Guangdong province has 7% of China's population but has relatively few Christians. In 1918, 18% of the believers in China were in Guangdong. Historically a majority of the believers have been in the costal provinces but now they are mostly inland. We pray for all the believers in Guangdong which has been called "the soil turned hard by prosperity". May the Spirit come in revival power on them. We also lift up the difficult but fruitful ministry of reaching young believers who go there for work from the inland provinces.


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