Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayer Request 3/23 - 3/29

With 16 million babies born each year, China has a huge market for baby clothing. For an international baby-clothing chain, it must offer clothing suitable for a wide temperature range, from above 30 degrees to below 30 degrees. Chinese parents prefer to buy loose fitting clothes, so their children can wear multiple layers. Also, traditionally, all Chinese babies wear open bottom pants. China churches are really at a loss in how to care for the little ones. The few translated children' curriculum and books are totally inadequate as resources. Let us pray for those who have the burden to reach the young ones for Christ. We, too, pray for believer parents who know that they must raise godly children for God.
There are so many convenient store chains in China now. Even convenience stores are competing to offer full menus of meals, appealing to the busy urban young people, who want convenience, clean and good service. Such a trend is also penetrating into the so-called second- and third-tier (smaller) cities. As the service industry changes, unfortunately China's churches are slow to adapt and are mostly closed to their community. We pray that churches can somehow find innovative ways to attract people in the communities, opening up to young people with programs, and becoming not just a building but a place where they can meet the spiritual and needs of the community.
The postal delivery system in China was once legendary, able to deliver mail to recipients who had moved to other places. A recent report shows that the postal service is now diversified and is not only a banking system but also derives almost half of its revenue from "express deliveries". For us to share Jesus with others we are just like the mailman and our job is to deliver the precious news of the gospel. Let us pray that more Chinese believers will feel not only willing but eager to deliver this package--the Good News of Jesus Christ--to their friends and families without fear.
Government acknowledges the alarming increase of domestic violence, this is not only a major contributing factor of rising divorce rate but also the incidence of violent crimes. Although the taboo of speaking out against domestic violence is breaking, many battered women are still ashamed to go to police. Let us pray specifically for those Christian women who suffer from both verbally and physically abusive spouses. We pray for God’s mercy and divine wisdom for them.
College diploma does not guarantee a job at all! In 2009, 1.35 millions college grads applied for the 2010 central government-level servant examination(800,000 applied for the same exam in 2008). For some of the most popular positions, the chance is 4000 to 1. In the county-level employee examination, 60% of applicants are college grads. Once a church youth leaves home for college, follow up is difficult if not impossible for vast majority of Chinese churches. They could be the future leaders of church but continuing to encourage them to love the Lord is much needed. Let us pray for these young believers who can stand tall in their faith like Daniel and his friends.
In China the main reason for the destruction of baby girls is their tradition that males are more valuable than females and having no son is detestable because the family name is lost. In the villages, men inherit the family land while women are like "water splashed out" and get no inheritance. These traditional values are not easily changed. Women believers are an important if not an essential part of the Chinese house churches. We thank the Lord for every one of them and pray the Lord will strengthen their ministry whether in visitation, giving, caring, worship, or even teaching and preaching. May their churches be greatly blessed because of their faithful service.
Another big reason why the Chinese family prefers a son is the lack of a social security system in the country. Parents are fearful that when a girl grows up and gets married, there will be no one left to care for them on their old age. Having a son is the only secure retirement for millions of Chinese farmers. It is frightening for elderly Chinese when they do not have a son to support them. Let us pray for all of the older rural believers to place their trust in God as they become older. May the Lord be close to them, answer their prayers, comfort them, and grant them renewed strength to serve in their churches.

中國郵政聞名遐邇,甚至幾十年前搬遷的地址對他們也不是問題。除了儲蓄銀行之外,現在快遞即佔郵政業務總量近五成。論到傳揚福音,使人得救的是聖靈,傳福音的是「郵差」。郵差長得如何、性格如何,並不能使人得救或不得救,郵差的工作就是忠心把郵包送到。我們求主興起更多中國信徒,願意為主大發熱心,無懼地迫切要把基督耶穌救恩的 禮物傳送給每一個家人和朋友,及周遭所有的人。
中國大學生找工作難!135萬人報考2010年國家公務員考試,而2008年有80萬人報考。最熱門職位的報考人數與職位數量之比竟超過四千比一。報考縣級以下職位人當中,應屆大學生就佔了61% 各地教會對外出求學的大學生都有負擔,每年回鄉後會給予栽培,以達到鞏固信仰的目的。這些學生大多數有基督教家庭背景,是有潛力成為未來教會領袖。讓我們為這些年輕人禱告,求神興起他們就像當年的但以理和他的朋友們。

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