Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Prayer Request 9/22 - 9/28


Half of the people in China believe that sexual discrimination is real there and it is much harder for a woman to find a job than it is for a man. Even among the highly educated people, women who have a doctor's degree are considered odd. The idea of equality of women under Mao has given way to frustration and discrimination for many women. Let us pray for all the sisters serving in the churches that they will receive a double portion of the Spirit and serve joyfully with dedication and love.
Half of the young people in China say they have no religion at all. About 1/4 believe in Communism and another 1/10 believe in Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam. Although China's constitution guarantees religious freedom, Communism and atheism are universally taught at all levels in the educational system.We uplift all the children of believers and ask the Lord to safeguard His Word which they learned at home through the inspiration of their parents even though their schools that are often hostile to Christianity.
People have pointed out that the extreme polarization of wealth in China is socially unstable and dangerous. According to the standard set by the government, a family making 60000 to 500,000 RMB yearly,an monthly income of at least 50,000 is considered a middle-class family. Such monthly is unheard of among Chinese pastors so by this definition Christianity in China is still a religion of the poor. Let us pray for the churches in China that the shepherds will be faithful in spite of the financial and spiritual poverty of many churches.
There is a big competition among municipalities to host the “official worship” of famous Chinese historical figures. Many of these public festival or events are elaborate, meant to promote awareness, tourism, investment, or pure financial interest. Chinese are embracing the practice of ancestral worship with a vengeance. Let us pray for this trend, for people to look to fill the spiritual void and to avoid any shortcut to divine blessing.
Most of the youth in China struggle with uncertainty about their futures. Their parents are much more concerned about the grades and future lives of their children. A majority of the young people feel their parents care only about their grades and a great majority of the parents agree that academic performance is the most important thing to them. We pray that Christian parents will know that godly children are really the thing that pleases God.
The Communist Party has strictly forbidden any of their members to participate in any religious activities. People say that one in three of the members are religious--most commonly Buddhist, Taoist, and Muslim, in minority regions. Let us pray for those Party members who are practicing Christians. They have much to lose once their faith and convictions are exposed. We pray for their faithfulness to God, their fellowship in their local church and their growth in Christ.
The Communist Party must wrestle with these key issues in forbidding its members to practice religion: 1. Is Guanyin (goddess of fertility) an object of art or a deity to worship? 2. Is Islam a lifestyle or a faith for all Muslim minorities in China? Many Christians display Bible verses or a picture of the Cross at home to proclaim their faith. We praise God for the boldness of these Christians and pray they may they always be a powerful testimony for the gospel to their neighbors.