Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Prayer Request 7/7 - 7/13

Dating TV shows are very popular in China, whether it is men choosing women or women choosing men. In the end, the two sides will successfully hold hands and date. It is unknown whether they can stay together later. These shows target unmarried young people. Marriage is instituted by God "the two leave their parents and be united as one." We pray for the blessing of God for believers, so they will understand and strive to commit wholeheartedly to each other, and honor each other.
Dating shows are very popular in China, one contestant famously said, "I would rather cry in a BMW, rather than being happy on a bicycle." She was an instant hit and became a dating show hostess herself.Divorce is an abomination to God and marriage is meant to be for life. Marriage is built on love, not tolerance so good communication and accepting one another is a must.We pray for the relationship of believers, especially those who are pastors and leaders in the church.
Many consider dating shows a cheap form of entertainment, turning shame into cuteness, and treating the traditional value as a gimmick on the public stage.In many churches in China, women of marriageable age outnumber men significantly. We pray that they will pray and wait upon the Lord, and seek His will. We also pray that churches will have more teachings on discerning God 's will, and that there will be mature believers to provide sound advice.
When the Chinese meet, they ask about salaries, stocks owned, and how many apartments each has.So it is little wonder that dating shows are so fixated on how much one is worth financially since that is the common criterion. The same problem happens in churches, it is unfortunate that many sisters and brothers as well, make their marriage choices based on looks and wealth. We pray that there are more teachings to help young believers to value one's spirituality and walk with God.
The host and guests of the dating show teased each other. It is fascinating how much they will do, or how low they act to please their audience and ratings. As we ask God to prepare a mate for us according to His will, we pray exactly as the Lord Jesus did, "Not our desire, but His." God may not respond to us immediately, and we wait patiently.
The ideas of gold diggers and rich guys showing off, pretty much describe how Chinese in China think and it is the Chinese there's view of marriage today. Pre-marital sex and co-habitation are so common that they are great temptations for young believers.We pray that believers will remain pure, and churches will preach loudly Biblical values of chastity and respect for one's partner. Above all, we will all seek to please Him and wait for the companion God has prepared.
In China, the idea of love and sex is distorted by media, greatly misleading many young people. Sex is a taboo subject for Chinese in general and it is considered unspiritual to mention it in church.Young people in the church need to know what the Bible has to say about sex. We pray for boldness and wisdom for pastors and for God to protect them from the sin of fornication.

“相親”類的節目變身成今日的真人秀娛樂,成為個性張揚,搏位出名的平台,甚至各種可能性甚至“把無恥當可愛,把有價值當噱頭”這種低俗價值放大的公共空間。許多教會中,適婚年齡的姐妹數倍於弟兄,甚至清一色教會裡都是姐妹,沒有弟兄。願適婚的弟兄姊妹在找配偶上,能有更多禱告,明白神的心意。 教會中也能有更多這類的教導,和成熟的信徒來幫助他們。
現今中國社會對『性』極為開放,媒體所描繪的戀愛和婚姻觀往往有偏差,誤導不少青年。中國人傳統上羞於談性,也錯誤的認為這個議題不屬靈,在會眾面前更是難以啓齒。教會年輕一代需要知道聖經對性的教導。 求主興起教牧同工有膽量與智慧宣講關於『性』的教導。更是保守傳道人,在性關係上不得罪神。