Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayer Request 7/26 - 8/1

College graduates are having difficulty finding a white-collared job. In the wealthiest region of Guangdong, college grads are fighting over even such positions as nannies. This year 6.1 million young people are expected to graduate from colleges but a third of last year's grads still have not found a job. Many young people accepted Jesus in Bible study groups in college. We pray their faith will sustain them and they will be able to connect with a local church quickly so they will not be like the seeds sown in shallow ground that Jesus spoke about.

In the latest effort to curb rampant tobacco use, in the country with the largest number of smokers in the world, China is ordering makers of films and TV shows to limit the amount of smoking depicted on-screen, show smoking only when necessary for artistic purposes or character development. We pray for all believers whose loved ones are addicted to smoking. It is not merely smoking, but addiction to other things, and the lack of appetite for the Gospel May the Lord use their powerful life testimony, bring a fresh reminder of the gracious and living God in their homes.

China is one of the biggest source countries for international adoption. The relatively easy procedure has attracted many foreign families. Some 120,000 Chinese children have been adopted by families in the United States since 1992. Officials with the family planning authority in Hunan were said to have taken away babies from families who fell foul of family planning rules and put them up for adoption. Chinese babies for adoption are girls in overwhelming majority. We take this special time for parents of girl, may the Lord give them assurance that God has a special purpose for their daughters and they will trust the Lord to bless them with wisdom and favor even they will not have a part of their growing up. We too pray that these girls will one day grow up in Christian homes and be used by God.

Overseas families wishing to adopt a Chinese child almost always forced to make mandatory donations to the welfare home, leading homes to put up more children for adoption and resort to illegal practices to find more children, the government reported. The amount suggested is 35,000 yuan (US$5,405), which amounts to "selling" of children. Mothers who abandoned or "give up" their new born usually believe their child will somehow have a better life abroad. We pray for all the young women who gave up their child, may the Lord take away their guilt and unspeakable shame, we do the same for far many more women who chose to terminate their pregnancies using artificial means.

Seventy percent of those who married Taiwanese men and received Taiwan citizenship in the past years are Vietnamese. Taiwan officials were alarmed by such "obvious disproportion" and indicated that Vietnamese women purposely seek to acquire Taiwan citizenship and if the current trend continues, there could be a structural change socially in Taiwan. May the Lord raise up an army of believers to pray fervently for the revival of churches in Taiwan, as watchman on guard for the change in the spiritual state of all believers. May the Lord revive all churches, so that not just a few big churches busy hosting revival or healing rallies, but many more believers have burden for the lost souls.

China population is aging rapidly, this phenomenon is especially troublesome because the it took place when the mandatory family planning and one-child policy are being implemented in the same time. So, Chinese parents are getting older and sicker as their only child ages; there are more empty-nested families and families with old people and no one to care for them. Many older believers eventually stop going to church because they become physically unable or have no one to take them to church. Let us pray for these homebound saints, for God's comfort, strength and unfading faith in the Lord they believe and serve. We also pray for more churches that will do more in caring for elderly and visit them regularly.

In the past young Chinese men have commonly gone to the cities for work, especially those from the more impoverished provinces. Now, however, more and more young women are also leaving their children and elderly parents in their village homes and going to the cities to find work. This causes a very serious social problem in this large population of about 40 million older people who have been left behind. This problem is also the major reason why the rural churches have been in rapid decline, especially lacking in young co-workers, young believers, and a loss in the amount of offerings given. Let us pray for the spiritual lives of all of the rural believers who are working in the cities. May the Spirit of the Lord continually remind them to walk closely with Jesus and protect their families, especially the parent-child relationship which is universally poor.







從前中國年輕男人到城市打工是普遍現象,特別是窮困的省份,現在越來越多的年輕的婦女也出去打工。家裡就剩老人和孩子,這個問題相當嚴重。農村留守老人約4000萬,佔農村老年人口的37%。 這是農村教會近年人數下降的主因,同時因缺乏年輕同工和信徒,也造成農村教會奉獻劇減。我們為所有進城打工的信徒們祈求,求主的靈時時保守他們的心懷意念,與主親密;也保守他們的家庭,尤其是在親子關系上有主的憐憫。